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These thugs wore badges

Badge bums

Cops are looking for a crew of masked thugs who entered a 71st Street home by flashing badges and passing themselves off as police officers on Nov. 18.

A 19-year-old was in his home near Fort Hamilton Parkway at around 5:30 pm when two men with badges knocked on the door and identified themselves as police officers — though one was sporting a ski-mask.

Before the teen could figure out what was going on, a third suspect rushed in and forced the victim into a room and handcuffed him to a bed while his two cohorts ransacked the apartment.

The thieves filled a pillowcase with gold jewelry, an iPod, a cellphone and an XBox gaming system.

Caught in the act

A Senator Street woman received the fright of her life last week after two thieves broke into her building on Nov. 19.

The woman said that she was inside her home, which is near Fifth Avenue, at around 2:30 pm when she heard a noise downstairs.

When she went to investigate, she found two white men who had broken through the rear basement door and were looking through her things. Once they discovered that they were being watched, the men fled, taking nothing.

Awfully hygienic

Four out of five dentists may recommend a certain product, but none would recommend that you steal it.

Three hygienic thieves apparently care as they swiped 93 packages of Crest White Strips from the Third Avenue Walgreens on Nov. 19.

Workers at the chain pharmacy, which is at 95th Street, said that the three suspects — all of whom sported Yankee hats — came into the store at 12:45 pm and made a bee-line for the dental products.

The thieves grabbed the White Strips — $1,400 in all — and stuffed them in a bag before running off.

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