They definitely want bathrooms!

The Heights and Hills Community Council is just about to conclude a survey on what it will take to keep seniors in Brownstone Brooklyn — but the group is already pushing for better restroom access.

It’s a hot topic for seniors, as reporters Gary Buiso and Tony Cella found when they hit the street.

“I try to go to the bathroom before I leave. Even a bar doesn’t like you using it unless you’re drinking.”

Almeater Harrison, 76, Brooklyn Heights

“I don’t see why places won’t let you use the bathroom. [If] a person’s got to go, [he/she] got to go. It’s a common courtesy.”

Dan Maldonado, employee, Brooklyn Eyeworks Optica, Park Slope.

“Some seniors have trouble walking, but the bartender could help them. In general, we don’t have a problem with people using the bathroom.”

Ibelice Delaney, employee at The Gate, Park Slope.

“We just keep it to ourselves. We’ve had some bad experiences — let’s just say they get a little sloppy and I’m not just talking about liquids.”

Employee, Carroll Garden’s Wines and Liquors, Carroll Gardens.

“We don’t let anyone use our bathroom unless it’s a pregnant woman. We’re a small boutique.”

Shaunah Redgate, employee, Tango, Brooklyn Heights.