They score! Band plays music over films

They score! Band plays music over films
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

If a film screens without a soundtrack, does it make a noise?

Industries of the Blind, a 9 piece ensemble who compose and perform emotionally-potent rock symphonies, will be performing live scores for four films in Williamsburg.

Sammy Gallo, one of the group’s main composers and founding members, explained that it was a priority that each film had an opportunity to stand out.

“The way we play and the timbre and how we perform these scores will be the one unifying thing to make it cohesive,” said Gallo. “We want each film to be in its own place.”

Two of the short films have scores written by the band, while they will be re-orchestrating the music for the other two films, including “Glory at Sea” which is the first film from Benh Zietlin who directed “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

Industries of the Blind compose music with the intent of creating an emotional arch for their audience and fans to experience. In the past the group has composed and performed music written to help dance choreographers present their theses.

Gallo said it was important for the musicians to disappear behind the music and focus on the action, either on stage or on screen.

“I think it will be important if the focus is be taken off of us and put more on the story,” said Gall. “We need to pull back and give the films enough room to breathe.”

Of the films, Zietlin’s post-Katrina New Orleans movie should prove even more haunting on Dec 21, when some believe the end of the world is coming. Gallo insists the date is just a coincidence, but luckily for those who are anticipating Armageddon — they’ll have a hefty soundtrack to go with it.

“I want the audience to feel what I felt when I saw ‘Glory at Sea,’ ” said Gallo. “Only heightened.”

Industries of the Blind at the Knitting Factory [361 Metropolitan Ave. at Havermeyer Street in Williamsburg, (347) 529–6696, www.knittingfactory.com]. Dec. 21, 7:30 pm, $15.