Thief buys 126 bottles of champagne with stolen credit card

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Poppin’ stolen bottles

Some phony bought 126 bottles of alcohol using someone else’s credit card inside a Flatbush Avenue Extension liquor store on Sept. 6, police said.

The victim told police on Sept. 28 that his credit card company called him and told him the criminal swiped his plastic inside the store near Johnson Street for an estimated $32,430 worth of champagne.

Five-finger discount

Police arrested two teens for allegedly stealing clothes from a Fulton Street boutique on Sept. 24, police said.

The 16- and-17-year-old suspects ran off with shirts and socks from the clothing store near Bridge Street at about 8:15 pm, and sprayed pepper spray at an employee, according to authorities.

Lobby lurker

Some sneak tried to swipe a guy’s package from the lobby of his Bridge Street apartment building on Sept. 27, police said.

The victim told cops he saw the crook wearing a red hat with an orange and black jacket grab his West Elm package from the lobby near Lawrence Street at about 2:50 pm, and when he saw the victim, he dropped it and brandished a box cutter and then fled empty-handed toward Willoughby Street, according to authorities.

Bad parking spot

A good-for-nothing broke into a truck parked on Joralemon Street on Sept. 29, police said.

The baddie swiped a cellphone, glasses, and a tablet from the commercial vehicle near Adams Street at about 12:30 pm, cops said. The truck was left unattended and unlocked, official said.

Sugar rush

Cops cuffed a guy for stealing energy drinks from a Gold Street store on Sept. 24, police said.

The suspect ran off with $1,077 worth of Monster and a vacuum from the store near Albee Square West at about 8 pm and fled through the fire escape, according to authorities.

— Julianne Cuba

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