Thief caught robbing car lies, then flees

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Caught, briefly

A crook was caught robbing a car that was parked on Avenue U on Sept. 3.

The vehicle’s driver told police that she left the the vehicle unlocked near E. 56th Street around 3:40 pm and returned three minutes later finding a sneak exiting it. Cops say she confronted the culprit about being in the car and lawbreaker told her “I didn’t take anything,” before fleeing. She told authorities that her smartphone and debit card were missing from the vehicle.


Cops apprehended a man using a phony credit card at a Flatbush Avenue pharmacy on Sept. 6. Police said the suspect entered a drugstore near Utica Avenue and tried to use fake copies to make purchases on a card that was not his own.


A sticky-fingered thief lifted a woman’s wallet in a Flatbush Avenue department store on Sept. 1.

The money pocket’s owner told cops that she entered the store around 12:30 pm and placed the wallet on the counter, briefly leaving it unattended. Police say minutes later she noticed it missing.

Locked, or unlocked?

A sneak thief raided a car parked on Marine Parkway sometime overnight on Sept. 1.

Police said the vehicle’s owner left it in a spot near Quentin Road around 10 pm and the next morning found items missing from his backseat. No visible damage was found on the car, and the victim admitted to investigators that he was not sure if he had locked it or not.

Vehicular rip-off

A bandit invaded and robbed a car parked on Strickland Avenue on Sept. 2, cops said.

The vehicle’s owner said to cops that he left the car near E. 60th Place around 10:15 pm and upon returning two hours later discovered his wallet, containing his identification and employee cards gone.

— Alexandra Simon

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