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Thief creeps in through bathroom window, makes off with $700 in cash

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Window of opportunity

A no-goodnik broke into a man’s 74th Street home and stole $700 in cash on Dec. 21, according to police.

The man told police he went out for the night and then returned home to his place between 15th and 16th avenues at around 10 pm, when he realized it felt drafty. He then noticed his bathroom window was open and found that the cash was stolen from his bedroom dresser’s top drawer.

Crown jewels

A thief broke into a woman’s Bay 11th Street home and stole jewelry just three days before Christmas, on Dec. 22.

The woman received a call from her alarm company at around 6:30 am stating that the rear back door of the house between Benson and Bath avenues had been forced open. The perp grabbed the jewels and then fled in an unknown direction.

Getting handsy

Police arrested a man on Dec. 21 who charged a pack of police officers on Bay 29th Street and caused one of them to sustain an injury and pain to his right hand. The man caused the scene between Benson and Bath avenues just after 7:30 pm, when he charged the officers, struck the officer he injured, refused to be cuffed, and flailed his arms repeatedly. The injured officer was transported to Lutheran Medical Center.


A trio of punks threatened a man and stole $20 from him on New Utrecht Avenue on Dec. 19.

The louts approached the man from behind at 73rd Street just after 2:30 am, when he was walking home from studying for his college finals. One of them pulled out a knife, put his right hand around his neck, and asked him if he had any money before he reached into his pocket and pulled out the $20 bill. All the while, the second thief was holding the man’s left arm down and the third was standing at the corner as a lookout. All three then fled on foot after the assault was over.

Early getaway

A pair of crooks stole a man’s 2004 Chevrolet Astro from outside his 24th Avenue home on Dec. 23.

The man parked his car in front of his house between Benson and Bath avenues at about 10 pm, and noticed it was missing by 4 am. After watching his security cameras, the man realized that two perps hopped in the car and sped off just after 1 am. The man said that he had both sets of keys to the car the entire time.

Phone home

A thief stole a man’s cellphone while he was sleeping on the N train near the Bay Parkway stop on Dec. 20.

The man was riding a Manhattan-bound N train that he boarded at Stillwell Avenue just before 11:30 pm when he fell asleep and woke up to find that his phone had been removed from his right hoodie pocket with his earphones still attached.

No Christmas spirit

A good-for-nothing broke into a woman’s car parked on 20th Avenue on Dec. 23 and stole her wallet.

The woman’s car was parked between Bath and Cropsey avenues, and the thief allegedly broke in at around 1 am. The woman told police she was not sure if she left the doors unlocked.

Surprise getaway

A crook stole a West Sixth Street resident’s credit card on Dec. 23 and then booked a quick getaway, charging $159 to hotels.com.

The man, who lives between Avenue P and Quentin Road, told police at 7 pm on Dec. 24 that he was not sure where he lost his credit card.

Coal for Christmas

A lout stole a woman’s bag and the $6,200 worth of property inside when she left it at a Kings Highway grocery store on Dec. 24.

The woman accidentally left her bag at the store between West Fifth and Sixth streets at around 3:30 pm, and when she returned, she realized a thief had stolen the bag and the $5,000 cash inside, along with her keys and her credit and debit cards.

—Julianne McShane

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