Thief hits Jetro Cash and Carry

Jetro jack

A 33-year-old was arrested on Aug. 20 after he was caught trying to smuggle copious amounts of corn oil, Tide detergent and diapers from Jetro Cash and Carry on Foster Avenue.

Workers at the store, which is near E. 101st Street, grabbed the would-be thief as he made a bee-line for the exit at 12:21 pm.

Scratched up

A 37-year-old E. 87th Street woman was arrested on Aug. 21 after she attacked her boyfriend on Aug. 21.

The two were arguing inside their apartment, which is between Avenue J and Flatlands Avenue, at 5 am when she lunged at her beau, scratching both his face and arms.

The victim called police, who charged the 37-year-old with assault in the third degree and menacing.

Punched on Williams

A 24-year-old thug was arrested on Aug. 23 after he jumped another man on Williams Avenue, leaving his victim with several bruises.

The victim was arguing with his attacker between Stanley Avenue and Glenwood Road at 7 am when the suspect attacked, punching him in the face repeatedly.

— Thomas Tracy

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