Thief makes off with straphanger’s iPad

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

What the F?

A thief stole a woman’s iPad on an F train on Jan. 22.

The straphanger told cops she was on a Carroll Gardens-bound train at 11:20 am when the crook grabbed the device and fled at the Bergen Street station.

Glass ceiling

A thief smashed through the skylight of a Clinton Street home and stole a violin, laptop and camera on Jan. 18.

The homeowner told police she left the house near State Street at 8:45 am. When she returned at 7 pm, the skylight was broken and the items were missing.

Armed affront

Gun- and knife-wielding bandits held up a Front Street clothing boutique on Jan. 16.

A clerk said the first crook entered the store near Jay Street at 5:25 pm, brandished a knife and said, “Don’t cause a scene, there are people outside.” Before he could respond, a second man came in with a gun and demanded he empty the cash register.

The terrified worker handed over $100, and the crooks took off.


Three teens were arrested for a gunpoint robbery on Remsen Street on Jan. 18, according to cops.

Police said the alleged crooks stopped a man between Henry and Clinton streets at 1:55 pm, pointed a gun at his head and demanded he hand over his cash and house keys. The victim complied, and the thugs ran away.

Cops arrested three men who they claim had the stolen goods later that day.

Wendy’s beating

Four thugs jumped a man in front of the Wendy’s on Fulton Street on Jan. 20.

The victim told cops he was standing outside of the fast food restaurant near Pearl Street at 4:45 pm when the gang attacked, grabbed his backpack, and fled.

Cash grab

A man stole $255 from a Pacific Street home on Jan. 19.

The occupant said she left the apartment between Nevins Street and Third Avenue at 2:15 pm. When she returned 20 minutes later, the front door was unlocked and the cash was missing.

Home invaded

Police say two men were arrested for breaking into a Pacific Street home on Jan 16.

The alleged home invaders entered the apartment between Nevins Street and Third Avenue at 1 am, rousing its occupant. She called the police, who showed up and arrested the men.

Thief foiled

A crook attempted to steal a woman’s pocketbook on a Queens-bound A train, but was repelled by his would-be victim.

The woman said the thief tried to grab her billfold as the train pulled into the Jay Street station at 6:15 pm, but she was able to fend him off and he fled the train car empty-handed.

Wallet stolen

A thief stole a woman’s wallet from a Lawrence Street office on Jan. 19.

The victim said she left her desk at the office between Fulton and Willoughby streets at 3:30 pm. When she returned 15 minutes later, the wallet was no longer there.

Gym rat

A crook swiped the contents from a gym locker on Front Street on Jan. 22.

The victim told cops he locked his cubby at the gym near Court Street at 8 am before going for a workout. When he returned at 9:30 am, the locker was open and his credit cards, license and cellphone were missing.

Bag be-gone

A thief stole a woman’s bag on State Street on Jan 19.

The woman said she left the bag unattended near Court Street for less than one minute at 7:10 pm, and when she returned to retrieve it the purse was gone.

— Daniel Bush