62 Precinct: Thief pulls off million-dollar scam

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Million dollar scam

An unknown thief stole over a million dollars from a Bath Beach woman over a period of several months. 

The reported witness told police someone offered her mother a business exchange where if her mother provided a large sum of money, it would be invested in Bitcoin and would generate a 30% profit. The witnesses’ mother then placed her house as collateral with the bank and took out a loan worth $1,510,000. Her mother also borrowed $200,000 from a friend and used an additional $30,000.

After the money was sent, the scammer stopped all communication with the witnesses’ mother.

Brooklyn Brute 

A man assaulted a 52-year old near 82nd Street and 18th Avenue on Oct. 25.

According to police, the suspect hit the older gentleman on the head with a metal pole at 5 p.m., causing a cut on the victim’s head. 

The assaulter ran away in an unknown direction. EMS transported the victim to NYU Brooklyn-Langone hospital. 

Unauthorized money with-drawl

An unknown robber stole from a Bensonhurst man on Sept. 1.

Police said the thief went into the 67-year-old victim’s bank and had a bank card sent to a secondary address without the victim’s permission. 

The bank forwarded a card and pin to that address. The thief then withdrew multiple amount totaling in $3,030 from the bank account. 

Petty Amazon theft

An unknown person used a 51-year-old woman’s card to make unauthorized purchases. 

The victim told police the unknown shopper made two purchases on the internet shopping site using the victim’s Capital One bank card totaling in $63.

Mailbox Burglary

Someone stole from a woman near Bay Parkway and 80th Street on Oct. 21.

According to police, the 71-year-old victim was expecting her social security check. She checked the mailbox at 2:30 p.m. as she was leaving the apartment.

When she returned at 3 p.m., the mailbox was pried open and the checks weren’t in the box. Both checks totaling at $1,632 have since been cancelled.