Thief punches man and takes off with wallet

94th Precinct


Hands off

A rude robber tried to steal a man’s wallet out of his pocket in McCarren Park on July 8 — and punched him when he interfered.

The victim told police he was sitting on a park bench near Bedford Avenue at midnight when the thief tried to sneak his hand into his pocket. When the man stood up to protest, the robber punched him in the eye and took the wallet anyway. His bank later told him the robber tried to use some of his bank cards.

Show me the money

A group of ruffians surrounded a man on Bedford Avenue and stole his wallet on the afternoon of July 11, police said.

The victim told police he was near the Bedford Avenue train station in the afternoon when the group approached.

“Give me your money or I’m going to punch you in the face,” said the man apparently in charge. He then demanded $50 and when the victim didn’t give in, grabbed the wallet out of the victim’s pocket and walked away with it, cops said.

Police arrested one man at the scene.

Use a pay phone

An aquaintance had ulterior motives when he asked a man if he could use his cellphone on Manhattan Avenue on July 10.

The victim told police he was near Clay Street in the afternoon when a man from his neighborhood asked to use his phone. Once he handed it over, the man simply walked away with it. The victim attempted to get it back, but the robber punched him in the face and kept walking, he told police.

Even though the victim said he knows the robber from the neighborhood, he has not yet been identified or arrested, police said.

Guitar gone

A knife-toting thief and an acomplice stole a guitar from a good Samaritan when he tried to give the duo directions on Bedford Avenue on July 10.

The victim told police he was leaving a friend’s house near N. 12th Street at 1 am when two men approached and one asked how to get to the “south side.” The other man pulled out a knife and demanded that the victim hand over his acoustic Fender guitar, which he did.

Left unattended

Three men walked into a N. 10th Street building full of studio spaces, supposedly soliciting services, on July 9 — but stole a Macbook, iPhone, and keys instead.

Surveillance video from the building between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue shows one man act as a lookout while the other two storm an office studio and steal the items, police said.

Scotch unguarded

A thief broke through the front door of a stole a a N. Fifth Street home and stole a package that has just been delivered on July 11.

Police say the burglar was caught on video taking the contents of the package, which included Scoth and pet treats. A second burglar entered later and took some other items, cops said.

Van pillaged

A thief broke into a van parked on Kent Street on July 7 — taking a MacBook, briefcase, a Fender guitar, and other items.

The victim said he parked his van between West and Franklin streets and returned to find his driver’s-side door pried open and his valuables missing.

— Danielle Furfaro