Thief raids home of man rushed to hospital for heart attack

90th Precinct



Someone burglarized an elderly couple’s Manhattan Avenue home on March 17 — when the husband was rushed to the hospital for a heart attack.

The victims told police that the man had a heart attack inside the home between Ainslie and Devoe street at 3 pm. When his wife returned to their home at 7:30 that night, she found the bedroom drawers all open and $700 in cash and two watches missing.

Knives out

A trio of bullies attacked a man in a Graham Avenue store on April 11, cutting him with knives.

The victim told police that he was inside of a cellphone store between Cook and Debevoise streets at 2:20 pm when three guys got in his face.

“You looking for me?” one of them asked, while the other challenged him to come outside, police reported. Two of the bullies then took out knives, slashed the victim’s arm, and all ran off, cops said. The victim told police that he knows all three of his attackers.

Not for sale

A thief grabbed a wallet out of a woman’s bag as she was shopping at a Boerum Street store on April 11.

The victim told police that she was in a bogeda near Humboldt Street at 9 pm when a slick willie grabbed the wallet out of her open purse and then ran out of the store. The owner of the store told police that there are no cameras inside.

Top shelf

A sneaky thief snuck into Graham Avenue liquor store while the clerk was in the back room and ran off with $1,000 on April 8.

The clerk of the store near Ainslie Street told police that he was in the utility closet at 10:20 am when he heard someone enter the store. He came out and saw a guy grab a case containing $1,010 from the register and then run out of the store.

Brutal bullies

A pair of cretins chased a woman, beat her, and then stole money from her on Flushing Avenue on April 6.

The victim told police that she was between Whipple and Thornton streets at 9 pm when two guys started chasing her. They caught up to her and one of them grabbed her by the neck and threw her against a fence, cops reported.

They both started punching her, causing a hairline fracture to her rib, she said. One of them went through her pants pockets and pulled out $200, according to the police report. Then the other yelled “shots” while pointing at his waistband, causing the victim to think that he was reaching for a firearm, she told police.

The woman pulled out her phone and managed to call 911 while both of the robbers ran off. Emergency personnel took her to Woodhall Hospital for treatment.

— Danielle Furfaro