Thief ransacks man’s bedroom

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Flat-screen suspect

A thief robbed a man’s 82nd Street apartment on June 24, taking his flat-screen TV and iPod.

The victim told police that he left his home between 23rd and 24th avenues at 12:30 am and returned at around 4 am to find his rear window busted.

Inside, he found his bedroom ransacked, his TV missing, and his iPod taken off of his dresser, cops said.

Don’t walk, run

Two thugs beat and robbed a man on 17th Avenue on June 24 — taking his cellphone.

The victim told police that he was near 81st Street at 4 am when the goons approached.

“Give it up,” one of the crooks snarled, referring the victim’s cellphone. The victim tried simply walking away, but the thieves threw him to the ground, punched him a couple times, grabbed his phone, and fled, cops said.

Appropriated appliances

A crook ransacked a man’s Benson Avenue apartment on June 21, taking an air conditioning unit and a vacuum cleaner.

The victim told police that he left his home between Bay 41st Street and 26th Avenue at noon, returning later to find the front door kicked-in and his appliances missing.

Pint-size perps

Two boys, ages 8 and 11, were arrested for robbing a 13-year-old boy of his cellphone on 72nd Street on June 24.

The victim told police that he was near Bay Parkway at 4:25 pm when one of the kids asked to see his phone.

The surprisingly strong boys then threw the victim to the ground, punching and kicking him, before taking his phone and fleeing, cops said.

Confiscated cash

A gun-toting goon robbed a 60-year-old man on 23rd Avenue on June 19 — taking $15 and the victim’s cellphone.

The victim told police that he was near 86th Street at 12:40 am when the crook came up behind him.

“Police, police, give me you money,” the crook shouted, and the victim turned around to find himself facing the muzzle of a black firearm. The victim handed the crook his petty cash, while the crook reached in to the victim’s front pocket and took his phone, cops said.

Bodega bandit

A gun-wielding bandit robbed an Avenue O bodega on June 19, taking $500.

The clerk told police that he was behind the counter of the grocery store between Dahill Road and McDonald Avenue at 8:23 pm, when the crook waltzed in displaying a silver firearm.

“Give me the money, or I’m going to kill you,” the goon barked, before cleaning out the register, cops said.

Klonopin klutz

A 52-year-old man was arrested for robbing an Avenue U apartment on June 20.

The arresting officer was responding to a possible burglary at the apartment between W. Sixth and W. Fifth streets at 8:34 pm. He found the suspect in the victim’s living room — which was in disarray, with the victim’s property strewn throughout the room — and arrested him, police said.

Upon further inspection, the officer found the window leading to the fire escape open and the screen removed. The suspect was in possession of nine Klonopin pills and a screw driver, according to police.

— Colin Mixson

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