Thief ransacks Quentin Road home

Home ransacked

A thief broke into a Quentin Road home on July 4.

The owner of the home, which is located near E. Third Street, said that that thief kicked in the side window sometime around 1:30 pm and ransacked two apartments inside, taking a bankbook and some costume jewelry.

Laptop looters

Thieves broke into an E. 24th Street home on July 1, taking three laptop computers and two digital cameras.

The owner of the home, which is between Avenues R and S, told police he had left his home on July 1 to go on a short holiday. When he returned on July 5, he found his back door ajar and the items gone.

They’ll pay

A 50-year-old huckster managed to swindle $2,500 from a Kings Highway check cashing store by cashing two fraudulent checks.

Workers at the Pay-O-Matic near E. 18th Street said the would-be con man cashed one bogus check on June 20, then returned on July 1 and cashed a second fake check.

Now you see it

Talk about a pick up!

A fast moving thief swiped a wallet left on an Avenue U store counter — for just a few seconds — on July 8.

The victim had left her wallet on the counter at the Cards and Gifts store near Coyle Street at 10 am as she paid for a cup of coffee. She accidentally dropped something and bent down to pick it up. But when she got back up, her wallet was gone. No one — including the cashier — saw who took it.

More than $120 was inside the wallet when it was taken, the victim told police.

Glove box loot

A thief smashed his way into a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville parked on E. 10th Street on July 6, taking a wallet he found in the glove box.

The victim parked his car near Quentin Road at 3:35 pm. When he returned to the vehicle two hours later, he noticed that his front driver’s side window had been smashed.

Magic keys

A thief broke inside a 2010 Nissan Rogue parked on E. 26th Street on July 8 — but it remains unclear just how he got inside.

The owner of the car parked the vehicle between Avenues R and S at 7:30 pm. She returned to the vehicle at 10 am the next morning, only to find that someone had taken her cellphone, sunglasses and navigation system. No windows or locks were broken, she told police.

Navigation grab

A thief broke into a 2010 Buick Lacrosse parked on E. 21st Street on July 8 — and managed to swipe a navigation system before the car’s alarm sent him scrambling.

The 75-year-old owner left his vehicle parked between Avenues R and S at 8 pm. His car alarm went off at 3 am and when he checked his vehicle, he realized his navigation system was missing. The senior admitted, however, that the car doors may not have been locked properly.

Car drill

A crafty thief used a drill to pop the locks to a 2002 Yukon parked on E. 18th Street on July 4, but his hard work paid off — he ran off with an iPad, radio and navigation system.

The thief had some time to drill the locks to the car as it sat parked between Avenues R and S: the victim left the vehicle at 9:30 am on July 4 and didn’t return until 8:30 the following morning.