Thief robs sleeping straphanger

94th Precinct


Back and forth

Someone robbed a sleeping man riding the L train for four hours on April 26.

The victim told police that he got on the L train at the Jefferson Street station at 6 am. He was really drunk and fell asleep, according to the report.

When he woke up at 10 am at the Lorimer Street station, his smartphone, book bag, wallet, debit card, and MetroCard were all missing, he told police. He checked the records of his credit card and found that someone had used it three times while he was asleep.

Sticky situation

An angry N. Sixth Street bar patron beat up another customer who he accidentally spilled a drink on him on May 2.

The victim told police that he was at a nightclub between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street at 3 am when he accidentally spilled his drink on the man next to him.

The wet manaic got angry and punched the victim several times and then grabbed the victim’s jacket and pulled it off, police reported. He then ran out of the bar with the jacket. The victim chased after him but lost sight of him at Bedford Avenue.

That was cheap

An unhinged customer got beat a Nassau Avenue bodega clerk on April 30.

The victim told police that he was working at the grocery store between Eckford Street and McGuinness Boulevard at 4 am when a customer starting making a ruckus.

The clerk told him to leave, but the suspect refused and started punching the clerk in the face and body, cops reported. The maniac then threw a glass bottle at the victim, hitting him in the hand, according to the police report. The victim called police and the attacker ran away.

First pitch

A punk threw something aimed at a passing stranger’s head on Manhattan Avenue on May 13.

The victim said that he was between Greenpoint and Kent avenues at 1:30 am when three guys walked by and one of them threw something at him, injuring his forehead, side of his head, and left arm.

The victim told police that it happened very quickly, and he did not get a description of the perpetrators or see what they hit him with.

Fast cash

Someone ripped a cash machine out of a Kingsland Avenue gas station wall using a truck and a metal chain and hook on April 20.

A witness told police that he saw someone back his truck up to the cash machine at the station between Withers Street and Woodpoint Road at 1:30 am. The driver pulled the machine out of the wall and then drove off down Frost Street, according to the witness.

— Danielle Furfaro