Thief smashes into man’s car while making off with other car

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Manhattan Beach—Homecrest—Gravesend

Fast and furious

A thief swiped a 2008 Infiniti from a Corbin Place driveway on Oct. 15 — as the car’s owner watched from the window.

The 45-year-old car owner was sleeping in the home between Cass Place and Hampton Avenue at 4:45 am when he heard a large boom.

When he ran to the window, he saw someone running out of his driveway. He quickly realized that someone had stolen his Infiniti — and smashed it into his Honda as he made his escape.

Attacked for necklace

A goon jumped a 60-year-old man on E. 18th Street on Oct. 15, taking his necklace.

The victim said he approached the man between Avenues T and U at 11:50 pm, telling him that he was making too much noise. The thug then punched him in the face, and ripped the gold chain off of his neck.

Creeping inside

A thief forced his way into a West End home on Oct. 16 after pushing in an air conditioner that was sticking out of a side window — but the homeowner scared him off.

The thief had entered the address between Oceanview Avenue and Shore Boulevard at 6:05 am. The would-be thief managed to crawl inside, but the victim, who was woken up by the noise, confronted him, which sent him running off empty-handed.

Car break-in bust

Cops arrested two teens they say broke into three cars parked on E. 27th Street on Oct. 16.

Witnesses said they saw the teens, ages 16 and 18, trying to enter a Nissan, a Honda and a Dodge that were parked between E. 27th Street and along Avenue R at 4:15 am, and called the cops.

Wedding daze

A thief swiped a $500 jacket from a 37-year-old man getting hitched inside an Avenue T synagogue on Oct. 14.

The groom had taken his jacket off to dance inside the house of worship between E. Eighth and E. Ninth streets at 11 pm when the thief ran away with the pricey piece of clothing.

Car looted

A thief broke into a 2011 Lexus parked on Hastings Street in Manhattan Beach on Oct. 8, taking $160 and a purse.

The victim left her car parked between Hampton Avenue and Oriental Boulevard at 2 pm. When she returned to it six hours later, the car door had been forced open.

Cleaning the shelves

A 20-year-old thief swiped more than $600 in products from an Avenue U Duane Reade on Oct. 14.

Workers at the store between Nostrand Avenue and Haring Steet said the thief came in at 11:13 am and started cleaning out store shelves, putting items in a bag he had with him.

The thief then ran out of the store before anyone could catch him.

Cellphone grab

A sticky-fingered thief snagged a cellphone from a 30-year-old woman on Avenue U on Oct. 14.

The woman had just entered the train station on E. 16th Street and was texting her family at 8:20 pm when the thief grabbed her cellphone from her hands and ran off with it.

Bag grab

A thief grabbed a 22-year-old woman’s unattended purse inside a Coney Island Avenue McDonald’s on Oct. 13

The victim was inside the eatery at Avenue U at 8 am when she got up from the table she was sitting at — but left her purse behind. When she returned, her bag — as well as some paperwork — was missing.

Terror teens

Police arrested two teenage girls who they say attacked cops during a routine arrest on E. 15th Street on Oct. 14.

Cops were arresting a third suspect for an unrelated crime near Avenue U at 8:50 pm when the two girls — the suspect’s friends — grabbed the cops’ arms in an attempt to stop them.

One of the teens even flashed a knife and lunged at a cop, although no injuries were reported.

The two teenage girls were charged with menacing.

No charge

A thief broke into a 2011 Hyundai parked on Gravesend Neck Road on Sept. 30, taking a navigation system, an iPod and the car’s battery.

The car owner parked the vehicle near E. 27th Street sometime after 9 pm — and left it unlocked. The theft wasn’t reported until Oct. 11.

Shopping spree

Cops arrested a shoplifter who they say raided the Stop & Shop on Avenue Y on Oct. 15.

Workers at the store between E. 17th and E. 18th streets said the thief entered the supermarket at 4:15 pm and put some baby formula, pens and ice cream in a reusable shopping bag he had with him.

He then tried to walk out of the store with the items without paying for them — but store security stopped him at the gates.

Car swipe

Thieves made off with a 1997 Acura Integra left idling outside a Dover Street home in Manhattan Beach on Oct. 15.

The victim, a local deliveryman, had left the keys in the ignition and the engine running as he dropped off an order between Hampton Avenue and Oriental Boulevard. The thieves jumped behind the wheel and sped off with it.

Lone wolf

A thief broke into a car parked on Wolf Place in Gravesend on Oct. 15, taking a wallet containing an assortment of credit cards.

The victim said she parked the vehicle between W. Sixth and Van Sicklen streets at 10 pm and locked the doors. But she accidentally left the window ajar — giving the thief enough room to snake his hand inside, unlock the door, and swipe the wallet.

Window treatment

A thief broke into an Amherst Street home on Oct. 16, taking a laptop computer, a bicycle, and a black motorcycle jacket.

The 51-year-old owner of the home between Hampton Avenue and Oriental Boulevard told police that he was at hockey practice when someone crept through the bathroom window sometime after 6:12 am.

Going postal

An unhinged woman in a West Street post office threatened the life of another woman on Oct. 14.

The victim, 46, said she was inside the post office near Avenue U when the suspect, another customer, started arguing with her and threatened to assault her — but ran off before she could make good on her threats.

— Thomas Tracy

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