Thief steals a woman’s scooter!

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Trike swipe

A thief made off with a 77-year-old President Street woman’s electric tricycle last week.

The woman chained the $1,400 bike, which is powered by a heavy lithium battery, to a building scaffolding between Henry and Hicks streets on July 17 before taking a short vacation. When she returned on July 23, both the bike and its chain were gone.

Bad reception

A thief snagged an iPhone from a 20-year-old man on Columbia Street during a lightning-fast July 21 confrontation.

The victim was chatting on his pricey smartphone near Huntington Street at 4:58 pm when the 6-foot-3 thief sprinted by, plucking the item from his hand.

Closet creep

A creeper sneaked into a President Street home on July 23, taking $1,200 hidden in a 78-year-old woman’s closet.

The victim told police that contractors had been working inside her home near Hoyt Street that afternoon. And later, when she went into her closet to check on an envelope of money she had secreted there, the envelope was gone.

Burger bilk

A sticky-fingered goon swiped a woman’s handbag during a visit to the Hamilton Avenue McDonald’s on July 23.

The 26-year-old woman left the fast food eatery near Centre Street at 3:24 pm, forgetting that she had left her bag behind. She returned just before 4 pm, but the bag — and the $1,200 bracelet inside — were gone.

Car crack-ups

At least two cars were broken into last week. Here’s the rundown.

• A thief broke into a rental car parked on Pacific Street on July 22, taking a host of digital delights — including an iPad and an iPhone.

The car, a 2011 Dodge Charger, was left in a parking lot between Clinton and Court streets at 11 pm. A short time later someone busted in a window and removed the pricey electronics, which were secreted underneath the driver’s seat.

• A goon bashed his way into a 2005 Nissan parked outside the Red Hook Pool on July 22, taking nearly $8,000 in jewelry.

But the thief was on a short clock: the car was parked on Bay street near Henry Street at 7:50 pm. The car’s owner returned just 10 minutes later – but the cabin had already been looted.

— Thomas Tracy