Thief steals fancy scooter

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Scooter taker

A crafty crook swiped a top-notch scooter on Eighth Street on Nov. 27.

The 41-year-old victim told cops that she parked her blue 2009 Piaggio near Fifth Avenue, then covered it with a case at 6 pm. She came back two days later and found the $5,400 ride, and her helmet, gone.

Engine runnin’

A brazen jerk stole a fancy engine system from a metalworks shop on 14th Street on Nov. 29.

A 26-year-old employee told cops a crook sneaked into DVS Iron and Aluminum Works near Third Avenue at around noon, snatched a power brakes unit for — worth more $6,000 — then fled.

Flood freight

A jerk broke into an apartment on Lincoln Place and left an expensive mess on Nov. 29.

The 28-year-old victim told cops that she left her brownstone near Fifth Avenue at 3 pm, came back two days later to discover that someone had broken into the basement, busting a water pipe and causing a serious flood.

But the thief left without taking anything.

Big time tool

A crook snatched some expensive tools from a construction site on Eighth Street on Nov. 6.

The a witness told cops that he spotted a man sneak into the site near Fourth Avenue at around 2 am — then watched him grab saws, drills and hammers worth $4,150.

Company ride

A jerk stole a new car on Fifth Street on Nov. 28.

The victim told cops that she parked her company’s 2011 Ford Escape near Sixth Avenue at 8 pm, then returned the next day at 11 am to discover that the vehicle was gone.

Drills, sergeant

A thief stole some power tools from a car on Douglass Street on Nov. 27.

The 54-year-old victim told cops he parked near Third Avenue at 7:30 am and returned at 3:20 pm to discover that his driver’s-side window had been smashed — and a bunch of drills were gone.

Film foe

A crook swiped some video gear from a car on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 25.

The 34-year-old victim told cops that he parked his gray 2007 Honda on the quiet and thief-friendly area near Empire Boulevard at 1 pm then came back five days later. That’s when he discovered four cameras, a video recorder and headphones gone.

Bathroom bandit

A thief snatched some electronics from an apartment on Seventh Street on Dec. 2.

The 36-year-old victim told cops she left her home near Eighth Avenue at noon, then and came back eight hours later. That’s when she discovered her white MacBook, blue iPod and silver camera gone — and her bathroom window ajar.

— Natalie O’Neill

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