Thief steals necklace right off woman’s neck

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Ripped off

A frisky-fingered crook snatched a chain off of a woman’s neck on Flatbush Avenue on Jan. 31.

The victim was boarding a bus near Avenue U at 5:40 pm when the thief ran up and ripped off the necklace.

Mace to the face

Two women were arrested for allegedly robbing a store on Ralph Avenue on Jan. 31.

Police say that the thugs entered the business near Avenue K at 7:30 pm and grabbed a pair of boots. One of the store’s employees said he noticed the duo making its way to the exit without paying and moved to intercept them. That’s when one of the thieves allegedly maced the employee, shouting threats against the victim’s life before fleeing.

Lucky mug

A thug mugged a man on E. 63rd Street on Feb. 1.

The victim was near Ohio Walk at 9 pm when the mugger approached him from behind and then punched him in the face. A struggle ensued, during which the crook put the victim in a headlock, before taking the man’s North Face hoody, cellphone, and $400.

Jewel thief

A thief burglarized a house on E. 54th Street on Jan. 30.

The crook entered the residence near Avenue T through a side window sometime after 7:15 pm and stole $400 and jewelry.

Shed spy

A thief slipped into a woman’s shed on E. 52nd Street on Jan. 31 — but didn’t take anything.

The thief made his way into the residence’s fenced-in backyard near Avenue N at 12:46 pm, and then entered the shed. Nothing was taken or damaged, according to police.

Chased off

A man attempted to burglarize a man’s house on Avenue I on Feb. 3 — but was chased off by the angry owner.

The would-be crook entered the house near E. 54th Street at 6:15 am and attempted to snag a VCR. That’s when the home owner — who was in bed — awoke in time to chase off the perp, who fled empty-handed.

Unknown entry

A crook robbed a house on E. 35th Street on Feb. 3.

The thief entered the house near Quentin Road by unknown means sometime after 10 am and stole a Kindle, laptop, and computer mouse.

Lost and stolen

A thief stole a wallet that was accidentally left at a diner on Avenue U on Jan. 29.

The victim left her billfold at the restaurant near Kings Plaza at 7 pm, and returned later to find that the wallet, and the credit cards it contained, were nowhere to be found.

Stripped rims

A crook stripped the tires off of a car on Avenue U on Feb. 2.

The victim parked his 2010 Audi Q5 near E. 52nd Street at midnight, and returned later to find his car right where he’d left it — minus four tires and four rims.

— Colin Mixson

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