Thief tries to bum MetroCard swipe — but swipes wallet!

90th Precinct


MetroCard madness

A thief asked a 50-year-old woman to swipe her into the Marcy Avenue subway station on March 23, but stole her wallet instead.

The victim told police the perp approached her near Broadway at 5 am and asked for a MetroCard swipe. But the victim said she did not have any money on her card.

So the thief pushed her to the ground, grabbed her wallet, and ran away.

McKibbin make out

A thief stole a woman’s purse while she was making out with some schlub at a McKibbin Loft party on March 17.

The lovelorn victim told police she put her pocketbook on a couch in the McKibbin Street apartment at 5 am and started kissing a totally hot, but otherwise worthless, guy she just met.

About 20 minutes of smooching later, she realized her purse, which once contained her iPhone, camera, and MetroCard, had been emptied of its contents.

Taxing taxi

A group of men robbed a cab driver, after he had just gotten into a car accident, on Marcy Avenue on March 25.

The driver told police he hit another vehicle near S. Fifth Street at 4 am, and got out of his cab to check the damage. That’s when several thugs surrounded him and demanded money.

He refused, so the thugs beat him unconscious. When he woke up, he saw that they took $400 from his pocket and his taxi’s navigational device.

Gas hike

A robber stole $100 from a Bushwick Avenue gas station on March 19.

The manager of the station near Metropolitan Avenue told police that the ski mask-clad perp entered the station at 8:55 pm, waved a firearm, and demanded, “Give me your money.”

The manger gave the thief the cash and he fled down Metropolitan Avenue in a Chevy.

Life’s a drag

A robber knocked down and dragged a woman on Bushwick Avenue — and stole her purse — on March 24.

The victim told police she was near McKibben Street at 10:30 pm when the jerk came up behind her, dragged her to the ground, and took her purse, which contained her phone and iPod.

iPhone swarm

Three thieves beat up a 16-year-old boy and stole his iPhone on Manhattan Avenue on March 17.

The teen told police he was near Meserole Street at 8 pm when the group surrounded him and punched him. One thief grabbed his phone and they all ran away.

Perverted perp

A robber stole a woman’s bags at gunpoint and felt her up inside a McKibbin Street building on March 20.

The victim told police she was in the building between Bushwick Avenue and Siegel Court at 11:45 pm when the thug pushed her into a corner of the first floor stairwell, took out a black firearm, and demanded, “Give me your stuff.”

He then fondled her body, took her bags containing her computer and iPhone, and escaped on his mountain bike.

Phone snatch

A thief ripped a woman’s phone out of her hand on S. Second Street on March 25.

The victim told police she was near Roebling Street at 3:45 am when the villain grabbed the phone and ran toward Marcy Avenue.

Phone swiped

Another jerk stole a woman’s iPhone out of her hand on Grattan Street on March 21.

The victim told police she was near Porter Avenue at 10:30 pm when the perp snatched the phone and ran away.

Club fight

A fight broke out among a group of women outside of a Rodney Street club on March 25, leaving two women injured.

The victims told police they left the Hookah Bar near Keap Street at 4 am, when five women approached and started punching and kicking them. To add insult to their injuries, one thief stole a victim’s purse.

Burgle bonanza

There were a lot of burglaries reported to the 90th Precinct this week. Here’s a sampling:

• A thief stole a woman’s iPad and laptop from a Broadway apartment on March 20.

The tenant told cops she left her apartment near Driggs Avenue at 8:30 am, but when she returned, she saw her door had been kicked in and her computer was gone.

• Someone stole electronics from two different apartments in a McKibbin Street building on March 25.

The tenants both told police that they each went to sleep in their separate apartments near White Street around 12:40 am, but when the man woke up at around 8 am, he discovered that his computer was gone. When the other tenant woke at noon, she discovered her front door was unlocked and her phone and laptop were gone.

• A robber stole a laptop and a Kindle from a S. Second Street apartment on March 25.

The tenant said he left his apartment near Havemeyer Street at 5 pm, but when he returned 15 minutes later, his electronics were gone.

• A looter took two laptops and a camera from a S. Third Street apartment on March 23.

The tenant said he left his apartment near Hewes Street at 7:30 am, but when he returned at 9:30 pm, his computers were missing.

Truck screwed

A thief stole a car stereo and vehicle camera from a truck parked on Metropolitan Avenue on March 22.

The driver parked his truck near Graham Avenue at 7:30 pm, but when he returned 30 minutes later, his passenger-side door was unlocked and his car’s stereo and camera were gone.

— Aaron Short