Thief was in a real Crunch!

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Crunch time

There were at least three thefts — two on the same day! — at the Crunch Gym on Flatbush Avenue between Park and Sterling places:

The gym rat broke into his first locker on May 23 at around 5:30 pm, stealing $160 in property and cash.

Just a half-hour later, the same thief swiped $1,100 in property from another man’s locker.

The thief took a three-day break from his heavy workload, but returned on May 27 to cut a woman’s lock and steal $150 in stuff at around 1 pm.

Shady business

A thief tricked a man out of $500 in an iPhone scam on May 26.

The victim met the perp on 13th Street between Third and Fourth avenues at around 11 pm, but instead of delivering one of those fancy phones, he delivered a different piece of hardware: a gun.

Upon seeing the pistol, the cell-less man handed over the cash, and the thief fled.

Aisle clean-up

An intruder broke into an organic grocery store on Flatbush Avenue on May 28, but did not take any property.

The manager returned to the DNY Natural Land store between Park and Sterling places at 9 am and discovered that a bathroom vent had been busted and the surrounding wall had been smashed.But other than the damage, no harm was done.

Road report

There were at least three car thefts last week:

• A thief used a screwdriver to break into a man’s car to steal valuable tools on May 24. The owner told cops that he parked on the corner of President Street and Seventh Avenue at 10 around pm, and returned to find that $1,500 worth of drills, saws and other power tools were gone.

• A thief stole a Volvo on Fourth Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues while its owner was away between May 27 and 29.

• A thief stole $1,500 worth of camera equipment on May 28 from a victim’s car parked at Eastern Parkway and Flatbush Avenue. The owner parked at around 2 pm.

Steal bar

At least two bar-goers had their bags swiped last week:

• A thief stole a woman’s bag on May 25 at the High Dive bar on Fifth Avenue. The victim said that she left her bag on a chair at the bar between Carroll Street and Garfield Place while she used the bathroom at 10:30 pm. The thief did his business before she finished hers.

• A thief stole an iPhone and credit cards from a woman’s purse on May 25 from the delightful 12th Street beer garden behind Commonwealth Bar between Fifth and Sixth avenues. The woman said that she left her bag unattended at around 1 am.

7th hell

A pickpocket swiped a fancy wallet and the cash inside on Seventh Avenue on May 22.

The victim told cops that she was between Union Street and Berkeley Place at around 10 pm, when she was briefly distracted by her son, who probably should not have been out at that hour.

After regaining her grip on the tot, she realized that her Prada wallet was gone.

Stoop id

A thief made the easist score of the week, taking a package — and the laptop inside it — that was left on a Sixth Avenue stoop on May 28.

The victim told cops that FedEx had left the computer on his stoop, between Union and Presidents streets, between 1 and 5 pm. At some point, the thief approached, took the box, and left.

— J.J. Despain