Thieves beat man for iPhone

94th Precinct


iPhone pillage

Two thieves stole a man’s iPhone and beat him up on N. Seventh Street on Jan. 16.

The victim said he was near Driggs Avenue at 9:55 pm when two men approached him and demanded his phone. The victim refused, so the duo punched him in the face, kicked his body several times, and ripped his phone away before running away.

Stolen dough

A hungry thief robbed a McGuinness Boulevard Dunkin Donuts at gunpoint on Jan. 16.

The thief entered the store near Freeman Street with a firearm at 9:20 pm and told the manager, “Open the register, give me money, quick, quick!”

He then took the money, but left the pastries.


A knife-wielding thief stole a woman’s iPhone on Diamond Street on Jan. 16

The woman said she exited a cab on Norman Avenue at 12:40 am. That’s when the perp cornered her with a knife and said, “Give me your phone, I have a knife!”

She gave it to him and he fled.

Phone recovery

Police arrested a man who they claim stole another man’s iPhone on Jan. 18 at Union Avenue.

The victim said he was near Bayard Street at 1:38 pm when the man approached him and asked, “How much money do you have?”

He then allegedly punched the victim, pushed him to the ground, and fled with his phone.

The victim activated his “Find my iPhone” app, and police later arrested a man who they say had the phone in his pocket.

Jewelry swindled

A thief stole jewelry from a Nassau Avenue apartment on Jan. 20.

The tenant told cops that he left his apartment near Monitor Street at 9 am. When he returned at 3 pm, he saw his door was unlocked and his property was gone.

Nissan gone

A thief stole a Nissan Maxima parked on Driggs Avenue on Jan. 14.

The driver said he left his car near N. Fifth Street at 5 pm. When he returned a week later he discovered his car was gone, and broken glass was left on the street.

— Aaron Short