Thieves steal man’s cash and phone

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach


A quintet of crooks robbed a man on E. 31st Street on June 7, taking $20 and his cellphone.

The victim told police that he was near Avenue J while on his way to a friend’s house at 7 pm when the group jumped him, taking his cash and phone.


Two thieves nabbed a man’s iPhone while he was outside of his E. 49th Street house on June 4.

The victim was closing the gate to his driveway near Flatlands Avenue at 11:39 am when the crooks ran up and snatched his pricey Apple phone, which was attached to his belt, he told police.

Brutal attack

A thug beat and robbed a 22-year-old woman on Utica Avenue on June 3 — taking $60 and her green card.

The victim told police that she was inside a commercial parking garage on Utica Avenue at 2 am when the brute threw her to the pavement and kicked her while she was down.

He then stole the victim’s bag, which contained her precious green card.

Honda hog

A crook rolled off with a man’s 1997 Honda Civic that was parked on Avenue M on May 24.

The victim told police that he parked his Honda near E. 37th Street at 8 am, and returned later to find an empty spot.

Pay day

A bandit hit jackpot at Avenue I home on June 9 — taking off with more than $50,000, foreign currency, and jewelry.

The intruder broke in to the victim’s home through the front door sometime after 8 am, and left with the large sum of cash, plus $3,000 in Canadian currency and some jewelry, police reported.

Camry catching

Someone drove away with a man’s 1986 Toyota Camry that was parked on Avenue K on June 8.

The victim told police that he left his Camry near E. 57th Street at 7 pm, and returned later to find it gone.

Vehicle villain

A crook stole a man’s 1995 Chevrolet Camaro that was parked on Avenue M on June 9.

The victim told police that he parked his Chevy near E. 56th Street at 9 pm, and went back later to find that he was out one sweet ride.

Kid attack

Four thugs robbed a 17-year-old kid on E. 55th street on June 8, taking $10 and his cellphone.

The victim told police that he was on E. 55th street at noon when the jerks attacked, punching him in the face several times and taking his phone.

Avenue Krook

A crook stole electronics from a woman’s Avenue K home on June 4.

The thief broke into the victim’s house through a locked side window sometime after 10:40 am, taking a laptop, monitor, iPod, and Nikkon camera, cops said.

Bank bandit

A bandit robbed a Flatbush Avenue bank on June 4 — taking more than $4,000.

The thief waltzed into the bank at 3 pm, and passed the teller a note that read, “Give me all the money or I will hurt somebody. I am serious and don’t try nothing funny.”

The teller then handed him a bag containing $4,210 and he left.

Laptop lost

A thief robbed a man’s E. 35th Street apartment on June 4, taking electronics.

The bandit stole into the victim’s apartment through an open window at 7:15 pm.

He left with a MacBook laptop, two headphones, a bookbag, digital hard drive, Play Station, watch, and glasses, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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