This cop could see the future

Carnack the cop

A thief was arrested for attempted robbery on Nov. 9 after confessing to a cop that he was up to no good.

The 17-year-old thief was at Lafayette and Clermont avenues at 6:10 pm when a cop caught him with a gun.

Seconds later, he admitted that he was just about to rob a woman who had walked past him.

Purse pinch

A sticky-fingered thief made off with a woman’s purse inside the Atlantic Terminal on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 8 as his victim tried on a coat.

The woman put her bag down inside the store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue at 4:30 pm. After sampling some outerwear, she turned back to her purse, but it had already been pilfered.

Young one

A 12-year-old girl was arrested on Nov. 12 after she robbed someone more than twice her age at Cambridge Place and Gates Avenue.

The 26-year-old victim was nearing the corner at 6:55 pm when the pre-tween jumped her from behind and began to choke her. The thief made off with her pocketbook, but she didn’t get far — cops caught up with her a short time later, charging her with robbery.

Droid dash

A crook made off with a 23-year-old woman’s Droid cellphone on Nov. 8 during a harrowing confrontation at the corner of Washington Park and Myrtle Avenue.

The woman was talking on the smartphone as she passed the corner at 6:30 pm when the thief jumped her, sparking the struggle over the item.

Laptop loot

A burglar crept into a Carlton Avenue apartment on Nov. 12, taking three laptop computers.

The 27-year-old tenant left her pad between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues at 11:30 am. When she returned at 8 pm, the place had been ransacked. The thief had forced open a back window to get into the apartment, police said.

Car raids

Several car break-ins were reported by victim’s last week. Here’s the rundown:

• More than $3,000 in camera equipment was filched from a 2001 Audi parked on Classon Avenue between Lafayette Avenue and Clifton Place on Nov. 12.

• A thief forced open a 2005 Honda Civic on Vanderbilt Avenue on Nov. 8, taking a $1,500 laptop computer and a navigation device. The car was parked between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues at 12:30 pm and its owner returned nine hours later.

• A crook smashed the passenger side window to a 2005 Cadillac at Flushing Avenue and N. Elliott Place on Nov. 10, making off with an iPhone, watch, navigation system, some cash and three bottles of cologne. But cops quickly sniffed out the 42-year-old thief.

• A wallet and a navigation system were removed from a 2007 Toyota Corolla left on Lafayette Avenue on Nov. 11. The thief broke into the car as it sat between Flatbush Avenue and Ashland Place sometime after 6 pm, police said.