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This crook really takes the cake!

Took the cake

A thief broke into an Entenmann’s truck making a delivery on Bond Street on Nov. 7 — and got away with a cellphone and four cakes.

Cops didn’t know what kind of baked goods were swiped in the 12:15 pm break-in between Butler and Baltic streets, but the value of the cakes was set at $20.

Half baked

A popular bakery and coffee shop on Court Street was burglarized overnight on Nov. 6 by a thief who wanted bread of a different kind.

The owner of Brooklyn Bread Cafe between Second and Third places told cops that he locked up the shop at 7:30 pm and returned 11 hours later to find the front door unlocked and the cash register missing.

The device itself is worth $300 — and at the time of the theft, it held $275.


A thief or thieves busted through the roof of a Fourth Street warehouse late on Nov. 5 and left with lots of high-tech booty.

Cops say that the crooks triggered an alarm at the building, which is between Smith and Hoyt streets, at around 10:30 pm, though it was unclear whether the alarm went off when they entered or when they left the building with several laptops, a desktop computer and a flat-screen TV.

Ram butted

A thief swiped a $26,000 Dodge Ram truck from a spot on Hoyt Street early on Nov. 6.

The owner told cops that he’d parked the surprisingly costly wheels between Warren and Wyckoff streets at around 3:45 am, but the truck was gone when he returned to it four hours later.

Bike bandit

A thief stole a pricey set of wheels — this time a bike — from a Henry Street lobby on Oct. 31.

The 31-year-old victim told cops that she’d left the $1,100 bike in the building, which is at Carroll Street, at around 5:30 pm, but it was gone within an hour.

The bike was just one month old, she said.

Cup of ‘Joe’

A shopper at the Trader Joe’s on Court Street had her wallet lifted by a smooth pickpocket on Oct. 28, cops said.

The victim told police that she entered the popular gourmet grocery at the corner of Atlantic Avenue at around noon. After shopping for about an hour, she noticed that her wallet was missing when she went to pay for her items.

She cancelled her credit cards, but the thief had also taken $100 which she did not get back.

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