This Friday — The Brooklyn Paper inside your New York Post! • Brooklyn Paper

This Friday — The Brooklyn Paper inside your New York Post!

“The hottest trend in Williamsburg will be Hitler moustache parties.
The egg cream makes a comeback, made with locally sourced, organic dairy products, of course.
In the wake of Neil Young’s cameo at the Bell House, Neil Diamond makes an appearance.
Print newspapers make a huge resurgence when advertisers realize that Internet-only publications don’t get them any bang for the buck, and readers realize that the only way to really understand an issue is to read it in a newspaper.
Monkeys will fly out of reporter Andy Campbell’s butt (which is really just a repeat of what happened last year).
The right lane of the Belt Parkway gets wiped out by a storm that blasts through Plumb Beach.
The Brighton Beach version of ‘Jersey Shore’ becomes a pop culture sensation.
Motorists protest select bus service on Nostrand Avenue by parking in the bus lane.
The Apple store comes to the Municipal Building in Downtown Brooklyn.
Gerritsen Beach becomes the next artist enclave.”
— Our staff predictions

The Brooklyn Paper and The New York Post — perfect together!

Starting this Friday in selected areas of Brooklyn, copies of The Post will include The Brooklyn Paper — giving Post readers a chance to get our lively, award-winning local coverage along with their regular fix of New York’s best news, gossip, sports, business and entertainment coverage.

“This is what we call a classic win-win,” said Celia Weintrob, publisher of The Brooklyn Paper. “Post readers already enjoy the best newspaper in the city — but now they’ll be getting the best local paper in Brooklyn, too.”

It’s all free with your 50-cent New York Post — only in Brooklyn.

…will be available in some editions of the New York Post every Friday!

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