This groper had a gun!

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


A creep groped and robbed a woman on Gold Street on Oct. 12 — all directly in front of the 84th Precinct stationhouse!

The victim said she was near Tech Place at 10 pm when the thug accosted her, put a sharp object to her neck and demanded money.

She handed over $300, but the man wanted her phone, saying, “I don’t want you to call the cops.”

He then walked her to the intersection of Tillary Street, where he handed the phone back, groped the victim and ran off.

The stationhouse is at the opposite corner of Tillary and Gold streets.

Sneak attack

Four thugs beat up a man on Wyckoff Street on Oct. 13 — just to steal his pair of brand new sneakers.

The man told police that he was carrying the sneaker box between Smith and Court streets at 2:30 am when the men approached and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Then they took the package and fled, proving that Spike Lee was right, after all: It’s gotta be the shoes.

Fashionable crime

Cops arrested a man for allegedly stealing $4,000 in designer clothing from a boutique on Water Street on Oct. 11.

Police said that the thug entered the shop at Gold Street at 9 am, and soon left with clothes in hand. It was all caught on camera.

Punch out

Three thugs mugged a man for his wallet on Bergen Street on Oct. 16.

The victim said he was near Bond Street at 12:25 am when the men approached, punched him in the face, grabbed his billfold and fled.

Cell snatch

A thief stole a man’s cellphone on Lawrence Street on Oct. 14.

The victim said he was near Fulton Street at 11:30 pm when the thief snatched his phone and ran off.

Bag man

A thief stole two handbags from a clothing store on Fulton Street on Oct. 12 after making a wild death threat.

A clerk at the store, between Pearl and Smith streets, said that the man entered at 10 am and announced, “I’m gonna take what I take [and] if you say anything I’ll shoot you.”

He took what he took — two purses — and ran out. No one was shot.

iPad jacked

A thief stole a man’s iPad on Smith Street on Oct. 16.

The Apple lover said that he was between Wyckoff and Warren streets at 2:20 pm when the thief snatched the tablet out of his hand and ran away.

Bank job

A thief who was believed to be armed robbed a bank in the heart of Downtown during broad daylight on Oct. 11.

The gun-toting thug entered the Chase Manhattan branch on Flatbush Avenue between Nevins and Livingston streets at 1:40 pm, and demanded cash from a teller.

“Give me 50s, 100s, no dye packs, I have a gun,” he said, a witness told police.

He fled moments later with $3,650.

It is unclear whether he really had a gun.

Lock? Down

A thief stole a wallet from a car in front of the criminal court building on Schermerhorn Street on Oct. 14.

The car owner said he parked the van between Smith Street and Boerum Place at 1:50 pm, but forgot to lock the doors. When he returned one hour later, his wallet was missing.

Wallet theft

A thief swiped a wallet from a Livingston Street office last week.

The victim told police that she left the billfold on her desk on Oct. 6. When she returned the next day at 1 pm, the wallet was missing.

Thief busted

A man was arrested for stealing $100 from a shopper on Fulton Street on Oct. 16.

The victim said that she was near Flatbush Avenue at 2 pm when the man grabbed the money.

But she identified the alleged thief, and cops nabbed the suspect the same day.

— Daniel Bush