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This thief is a real Grinch

Heart too small

A burglarizing Grinch stole a bevy of Christmas gifts from a Pacific Street house on Dec. 21.

The thief slipped into the basement, apparently through an unlocked door, and stole video games, CDs, headphones, a pen set, coin purse, a table tennis set and other goodies apparent presents from the home between Clinton and Henry streets between 12:30 and 4:40 pm.

Take it from the bank

’Twas the day before Christmas and a thief held up a bank on a Lorraine Street.

At 11 am, the villain passed a note to a teller informing her that he intended to rob the bank branch between Columbia and Otsego streets.

The employee gave $6,500 to the crook, who fled on foot.


A hoodlum put a knife to a woman’s throat on Cheever Place and mugged her on Christmas Eve.

The 27-year-old victim said a man sneaked behind her at around noon near the corner of Kane Street, and demonstrated his intentions with the blade. She handed over her diamond necklace, engagement ring and $100 from her purse, and he fled.

Bullet wound

A dispute at a late night party on Columbia Street erupted into gunfire and left a 14-year-old boy with a minor gunshot wound.

A bullet grazed the head of the teen, who had been part of the argument with at least two other people at 4:45 am between Huntington and West Ninth streets.

Music’s over

Three goons mugged a teen on Smith Street en route to school on Dec. 19.

One of the culprits threatened the 16-year-old student by saying he had a knife. He then rifled through the victim’s jacket pocket, taking his iPod and cellphone at 8:30 am near the corner of Baltic Street.

No deliverance

A gang beat up and mugged a food deliveryman on Van Brunt Street on Dec. 21.

The three muggers approached their 43-year-old victim at around 10 pm between Verona Street and Visitation Place, and one of the trio punched the man in the face and nicked $40 and his phone.


Burglars pilfered several computers from a Van Brunt Street business overnight on Dec. 27.

The dastards invaded the business, which operates in the converted Civil War-era warehouse near the corner of Reed Street, by climbing through a window between 8 pm and 7:30 the following morning.

They stole one laptop and four desktop computers, cops said.

— Mike McLaughlin

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