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This thief was hungry

This crook was hungry — but cops got the last bite on June 26.

The foodie fiend entered a popular Washington Avenue supermarket at around 5 pm and headed straight for the packaged cold cuts, a manager later told cops.

After the 55-year-old kleptomaniacal carnivore grabbed a $5 package of roast beef, she head out of the store, which is between Dean and Bergen streets, but was quickly collared by police — though the sandwich meat was not recovered intact.

Losing faith

An unholy crook took two computers from a Pacific Street church on June 26.

A church official told cops that he’d locked up the house of worship at around 5 pm only to return the next morning to discover that the lower panel of one door had been broken and two Mac desktops were gone from the building, which is between Vanderbilt and Underhill.

Teenage wasteland

With friends like this…

A classmate stole another teenager’s laptop on the last day of school on June 26 — and the victim’s best friend could’ve prevented the whole thing.

The 13-year-old victim told cops that she was on her last lunch break of the year at the Underhill Avenue school, which is between St Marks and Prospect Places, when she asked her friend to watch her bag.

When she asked for it back, the friend said she’d left it on a nearby cafeteria table — where it was nowhere to be found.

Not to traffic in gossip, but the victim says she knew which classmate took the bag, which was not recovered.

Shattered glass

It was the week of broken glass in Prospect Heights. Here’s a roundup:

• A vandal smashed a window and the side-view mirrors of a car that had been parked on Underhill Avenue near Dean Street at around 8 pm on June 25.

• The driver’s-side window of a red Chevy that had been parked on Underhill Avenue near Bergen Street was smashed on either June 27 or June 28.

• And on June 29, a car that had been parked on St. Johns Place, between Classon and Grand avenues, had its side mirrors smashed, too.

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