This week’s heroes deserve … a Standing O

This week’s heroes deserve … a Standing O
Photo by Bess Adler

Bay Ridge

Students at Visitation Academy enjoyed a visit from the author of the children’s series “How To…” Sally Lloyd Jones. The “How To…” books cover a multitude of subjects ranging from how to be a big sister to how to be a boss. One of the more memorable lines from Sally’s “How to Get a A Job, By Me, The Boss is.” A teacher needs a big red pencil, some teacher shoes, a board to write directions on and invisible eyes that can see behind them.” Standing O offers three cheers to the teachers at Visitation for having all that and more.

Visitation Academy [8902 Ridge Blvd. at 89th Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 680-9452].

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Hear ye, hear ye!

By order of the court, the law firm of Kampessis and Shamoun has dropped the gavel and opened the doors to swanky new offices in Bay Ridge. The practice, consisting of partners Simon Shamoun and Basil Kampessis, is a full-service operation. For you non-lawyery types, this means the partners will provide legal counseling on all matters from the cradle to the grave and everything in between. If you need a will, sell your house or need bail, Esquires Simon and Basil are on the job 24-7.

Kampessis & Shamoun [8418 Third Ave. at 84th Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 680-7900].


Ding dong the fish nets ring

I met him in a bar — he was wearing fish nets. Get the picture?

Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald

This marriage was made in planning heaven. Fritz Donnelly met Christina Ewald while he was tending bar in fish-nets, while Christina was fronting a punk band, also in fish-nets. The pair hit it off (ya think?), and after three days were co-habitating in fish-net bliss. Christina eventually left the music gig and opened a vintage clothing boutique (she even created her wedding dress by reconstructing pieces from vintage wear and Fritz’s suit by reconstructing pieces of his vintage clothing). Meanwhile, Fritz followed his artistic endeavors. Both loved conceptual art and planning so they started HiChristina, event planning company that features the pair and promotes out-of-this-world shows. At a recent production they met artist Shan Raoufi who officiated at their “I-do’s” in June in Central Park. “I feel the relationship is a lot smoother now — we decided that we were right for each other. Now if something comes up, we don’t have to ask ourselves if we were right, we only have to worry about what came up,” said Fritz. Standing O offers a toast, “May your marriage be filled with snag free fish-nets and wonderful events.”

HiCristina [632 Grand St. at Leonard Street in Williamsburg]. For visit, www.hichristina.com.

Park Slope

Is there a doctor in the house?

Does your Mac have a bug? Do you need ER treatment quick? Has Apple told you to pull the plug? Dr. Brendan is here and he makes house calls, too! Brendan McElroy, the aforementioned Dr. Brendan, has opened a brand-spanking-new Mac repair business in Park Slope. If the worm in your Apple just won’t turn, call Dr. Brendan, and he or one of his “techies” will have you surfing at warp drive ASAP and skipping through cyberspace faster than the Enterprise escaping a Klingon warship (you can see from these metaphors that Standing O doesn’t do a lot of computing). If you can’t make it to the shop, make an appointment for express mobile service. With a click of the mouse, a techie will appear at your door in a fashionable Fiat bearing the Dr. Brendan Express logo.

Dr. Brendan [171 Fifth Ave. at Lincoln Place in Park Slope, (855) 227-5372].


Be there, be aware

Jason Daniels, owner and fitness instructor at S-Clubs, is doing his part to shine a light on breast cancer. In case you didn’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so his Park Slope club is offering some great classes to get you in shape, and some fantastic deals to make it easier on your pocket. We may not know exactly what causes the disease, but research shows that maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise and limiting alcohol greatly reduces the risks. Our pal Jason is hosting Zumba classes, Fit Forever, and a Food Drive, now through Oct. 23. Help stamp out breast cancer, work out, watch what you eat and limit yourself to one Cosmopolitan a week (Standing O can’t give it up altogether). “We help people achieve very attainable goals,” Jason told Standing O.

S-Clubs [808 Union St. between Sixth and Seventh avenues in Park Slope, (718) 783-4343].

Brendan McElroy, THE Dr. Brendan.

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