This would-be rapist — or rapists — have been busy

Cops hunt South Slope sex fiend
This is the fiend wanted for at least five attempted sex assaults in the South Slope.

Cops are looking for at least two sex fiends in this summer’s harrowing attacks on women.

• A sicko first attacked a 24-year-old woman on March 20 at 11:30 pm on 16th Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

• On May 3 at 11:20 pm, he wielded a knife and attacked a 32-year-old woman on 92nd Street near Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, but she managed to escape.

• On May 29, he attempted to rape a 20-year-old woman near 55th Street in Sunset Park.

• On June 4, he followed a woman from a Dunkin’ Donuts in Sunset Park to her home near 55th Street at 2:55 am and raped her.

• On June 25, he followed a 36-year-old Sunset Park woman to her lobby at 4 am, but she scared him off.

Cops released the second sketch and said that the perp was linked to all the attacks between March 20 and Aug. 26.

• On Aug. 26, he attacked a woman on Prospect and Sixth avenues in South Slope at 8:45 pm, but he fled when she screamed.

• On Sept. 3, he grabbed a woman from behind on Seventh Avenue near 17th Street at 12:15 am, but she chased him away.

• On Sept. 4, he attacked a woman near 49th Street in Sunset Park at 3:40 am, but she fought him off.

• On Sept. 8, he attacked a woman on 12th Street between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West at 11:30 pm, but neighbors scared him off.

• On Sept. 9, he attacked a woman in the vicinity of Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street at about 12:30 am.

• On Sept. 21, a creep fondled a woman from behind at 9:05 pm near Fourth and Prospect avenues.

And this guy did the Sept. 4 attack, cops say.

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