Threatening thief steals hairdresser’s computer

94th Precinct


Laptop lashing

A fiend threatened a hairdresser and stole a computer from a Roebling Street salon on May 9.

The employee told cops that the villain entered the salon near N. Fifth Street at 12:05 pm with his hand in a bag, and demanded, “Just give me the computer!”

She refused to hand it over, so the thief tried to wrestle it out of her hands. He quit the struggle and grabbed another nearby laptop and fled.


A thief snatched a phone from a woman’s hands on N. Eighth Street on May 11 — while she was texting.

The victim was near Driggs Avenue at 10:21 pm when the perp approached her from her blind side, snatched the phone, and ran away.

Honda hoodwinked

A thief stole a Honda parked on Skillman Avenue overnight on May 9.

The driver parked her car near Meeker Avenue at 3:30 pm, but when she returned at 3:30 am the next day, it was gone.

Safe house

A crook stole $1,300 from a Bedford Avenue tea house on May 8.

The store manager told police he closed his business near N. Eighth Street at 12:01 am, but when staff arrived later that day at 9 am, the safe was missing.

Cameras taken

A burglar stole several cameras and lenses from a Roebling Street apartment while the owner was away between April 27 and May 10.

The tenant told cops she left her apartment near N. Seventh Street on April 27 at 9 am, but when she returned on May 10 at 8 am, her stuff was missing.

Macbook missing

A thief stole a computer and camera form a Lorimer Street apartment on May 13.

The tenant left his apartment near Norman Avenue at 12:30 pm, but when he returned half an hour later, he saw his window was unlocked and his property was gone, police said.

Ford dumb

A thief stole an elevator company’s Ford truck parked on Bedford Avenue on May 8 — after the driver left the car without locking it.

The driver parked the unlocked car — with its keys in the glove compartment — near N. 11th Street at 12:30 pm, but when he returned an hour later, it was gone.

— Aaron Short