Thug hits man with stick, steals iPhone

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Stick ’em up

A violent thug held up a man with a stick in Cropsey Park on Jan 21 — and made off with his iPhone.

The victim told cops that he was in the park between Bay 29th and Cropsey Avenue at 12:05 am when the punk demanded that he hand over his Smartphone, threatening, “I’ll stab you.”

He then pushed the victim to the ground and poked him in the face with a stick, breaking his glasses and making off with the phone.

Phone grab

A quartet of punks swiped a teen’s phone on the D train on Jan. 20.

The victim told cops that she was riding home from school at 3:20 pm when one hoodlum swiped her phone while the others blocked her from grabbing it back.

The bandits jumped off the train at 79th Street and New Utrecht Avenue.

Stick ball

Two punks held up a man with a stick on 15th Avenue on Jan. 20 and made off with his cash and cellphone.

The victim told cops that he got off the D train at New Utrecht Avenue and 62nd Street at 6:35 pm. That’s when he noticed two men were following him.

He said the punks pushed him against a wall and searched his pockets, grabbing his phone and a wallet stuffed with $230.

One then said, “What else you got,” before running off.

Bad tip

Cops say two punks savagely beat a customer at a Chinese-food restaurant on Jan. 18, making off with his iPod and expensive headphones.

The victim told cops that he was in the restaurant between 78th and 79th streets at 12:08 pm when the men came up from behind him, punching him and hitting him in the head with an unknown object, before running off with the goods.

Cops arrested two men the next day.


A trio of masked goons busted into a 20th Avenue restaurant, swiping a cache of electronics on Jan. 17.

The vicitm told cops that the punks forced their way into the Chinese-food restaurant between 73rd and 74th streets at 10:30 pm, swiping $350 in electronics before running off.

Deli heist

An armed punk held up an Avenue O deli on Jan. 16, making off with $700 in cash.

The owner told cops that the perp flashed his piece and grabbed the cash from the register at the deli between W. Sixth and W. Seventh streets at 10:16 pm before making his getaway.


Three violent teens gave another teen the beating of a lifetime and stole his headphones and iPod on the D train on Jan. 12.

The victim told cops that he was on the train at 2:45 pm near 63rd Street and 18th Avenue when one perp asked to see his headphones.

The thug asked him, “Would you fight for your headphones or would you fight for your life?” before all three began punching and kicking the helpless teen, robbing him of his musical gear before running off the train at the 86th Street stop.

—Dan MacLeod

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