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Thug robs teens at knifepoint

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Teen scream

A brute terrorized two teenaged girls for their cash on 65th Street on Aug. 22, police report.

The victims told cops that they were walking between 10th and 11th avenues at 1:50 am when the savage came up to them and pulled a knife.

“Give me your money,” the thug demanded.

The 14-year-old victim surrendered the $20 she had on her, but the 19-year-old pled that she had no cash. The fiend got angry and knocked her to the ground, then tore away her purse — with her Galaxy phone inside — and ran.

Back grabber

A thug snatched a woman’s purse on Eighth Avenue on Aug. 21, cops report.

The victim told police she was walking between 60th and 61st streets at 2:37 am when she realized she was being followed. She hurried another block in the direction of Dyker Heights, but the stalker ran up behind her and seized her bag — with $900 cash inside — then scrammed.

Car thief

A lowlife raided a vehicle parked on Ovington Avenue sometime overnight on Aug. 23, police state.

The victim said he left his car — and $200 in cash inside — between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 6 pm. When he came back at 7 am the next day, he found somebody had broken in to his ride and made off with his money.

Rung out

A telephone fraudster conned a Fort Hamilton Parkway man out of almost $2,500 over the course of two days, starting on Aug. 23, according to authorities.

The victim said the scammer called his apartment between 90th and 91st streets several times on Aug. 22, starting at 2:40 pm. The rip-off artist claimed to be an agent of the Internal Revenue Service, and told the victim that he owed back taxes — and faced immediate arrest if he didn’t pay.

The swindler directed the victim to put money on a pre-paid Walgreens card the next day. The victim complied, and the hustler had him read the serial and personal identification numbers over the phone. When the fleecer emptied the account at 2:14 pm, the victim called police.

Bottle service

A thug smashed a glass bottle over another man’s head on Third Avenue on Aug. 25, cops say.

The victim said he was walking drunk between 88th and 89th streets at 4:02 am when the attacker ran up behind him and bashed him over the braincase.

Bottoms up

A burglar swiped $20 in coins and two bottles of liquor from a Third Avenue eatery on Aug. 22, authorities report.

Security cameras captured the crook prying open a side window at the restaurant between 90th and 91st streets at 12:31 am and slipping inside. He grabbed the change, then a bottle of Johnny Walker Red and a handle of Jack Daniels from the bar, before creeping back out.

— Will Bredderman

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