Thugs beat man in Maujer Street attack

90th Precinct


Man attacked

A violent group of men assaulted a man and stole his phone and keys on Maujer Street on Aug. 6.

The man told police that he was near Leonard Street at 9:25 pm and was slipping his iPhone into his pocket when three men walked up to him, threw him to the ground, and started punching and kicking him. One of the thugs then put his hands into the man’s pockets and stole his phone and keys. Cops canvassed the area, but did not arrest anyone.

Coins stolen

Two teenagers stole $100 in quarters from a Roebling Street laundromat on Aug. 7, and then assaulted an employee when she tried to stop them.

The victim told police that she was at the business between S. Second and S. Third streets at 2:15 pm when the punks grabbed the coins. She chased them to the door but they threw her to the ground, scratching her shoulder and wrist, police said. The pair then jumped on bicycles and fled toward Metropolitan Avenue.

Laptops taken

A couple woke up to find someone had entered their S. Eighth Street apartment and stolen their laptops sometime overnight on Aug. 7.

The man of the house told police that he went to bed at 4 am without locking the door to his apartment between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue. When the woman of the house woke up the next morning to go to work, she found both of the laptops — a silver MacBook Pro and a black Gateway Netbook — gone. Neighbors denied seeing anyone enter the apartment.

Withdrawal stolen

A man snatched an elderly woman’s purse out of her hands as she walked out of the Bank of America on Graham Avenue on Aug. 6, running off with her freshly withdrawn $1,000 in cash.

The 78-year-old woman told police she had just withdrawn money at the branch between Varet and Moore streets at 4:30 pm and put the cash in her pocketbook when the man ran up and grabbed it out of her hand.


Two men pointed a gun at a woman and stole her phone on Leonard Street late at night on Aug. 8.

The woman told police she was near Devoe Street at 11:30 pm on her way home when the men ran up behind her. One of the men grabbed her phone out of her hand and ran up the street, while the other pointed a gun wrapped in a towel at her and said, “Don’t say anything, ma’am.”

Registers raided

A pair of thugs stormed a Checkers Restaurant on Broadway just as it was closing on Aug. 9, pointed guns at the employees, and stole money out of the registers.

The victims told police that they were cleaning up for the day at the eatery between Havemeyer Street and Marcy Avenue at 2:30 am when the two men ran through the front doors, one of them pointing a handgun and telling everyone to get on the floor.

The men then put the money from the cash registers into a plastic bag as the employees cowered on the floor. As they were fleeing, one of the thugs struck one of the employees in the head with the gun, causing pain and swelling that needed treatment at the hospital.


An unknown assailant who claimed to be a security guard at a Manhattan Avenue supermarket accused a man of stealing and slashed him on Aug. 8.

The victim told police he was at Food Bazaar between Varet and Moore streets at 5:30 pm when the knife-wielding lunatic came up to him and declared, “You came here yesterday and stole,” slashed him, and ran away.

— Danielle Furfaro