Thugs knock down elderly lady

90th Precinct


Elderly woman tackled

A pair of jerks attacked an old woman on Leonard Street on Aug. 28 — knocking her down for a $3 purse.

The 70-year-old woman told police she was near Moore Street at 3 pm on her way home when the men grabbed her purse and then knocked her down. Luckily, the woman was not hurt. Meanwhile, the thugs got away with the purse, a pair of eyeglasses, and $5 in cash.

Senior woman beaten

A young thug tried to get an elderly woman to give him money and beat her with her own cane when she refused on Humboldt Street on Sept. 2.

The 71-year-old woman told police that she was near Maujer Street at 10 am when a man in his 20s started yelling at her to give him money. When she said no, the man said “You stupid b—-,” grabbed her cane out of her hand, and hit her repeatedly on the hand, causing her pain, police said.

Boy threatened

A 14-year-old boy told police that another boy held him up at knifepoint and stole his bike on Flushing Avenue on Aug. 28.

The boy said he was walking his bike near Thompkins Avenue at 2:30 pm when the young thug put a knife to his throat and said, “Give me your bike or I’m going to cut your throat.”

The victim handed over the Mongoose black BMX with rear pegs — worth $300 — and the thief rode off down Thompkins Avenue.


A young man threatened to shoot a bodega clerk over a $1 bottle of Pepsi on Bushwick Avenue on Aug. 29.

The clerk at Bushwick Market, between Moore and Varet streets, told police he saw the man take a bottle of soda from the store at 11:10 pm. When he confronted the slippery character, the man said, “You don’t know who I am? Don’t make me pull my gun and shoot you,” and then fled down Bushwick Avenue on a bicycle, the clerk said.

Bag stolen

Someone stole a backpack containing two phones and cash out of a cement truck parked on Debevoise Street on Aug. 30.

The victim told police someone stole the backpack out of the cement truck while he was making a delivery between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street.

In addition to the two phones and cash, the thief took a debit card, a Social Security card, and the man’s driver’s license.

Out of sight

A sneaky crook stole a woman’s purse from a bar on Grand Street on Aug. 30 while she was chatting with a friend.

The woman told police that she was at the bar between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue at 2:45 am when she left her pocketbook hanging on a hook behind her while chatting with a friend. When she turned around, she discovered her bag — which contained an iPhone, keys, a gold rosary, and a black pattern silk dress — gone.

Bad renters

Two creeps a woman rented her Keap Street apartment out to stole her blank checks and took $4,200 from her account sometime between Aug. 19 and 25.

The victim told police that she met the men on the apartment rental site airbnb.com, and let them stay at her place between Grand and Hope streets.

— Danielle Furfaro

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