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Thugs rob grocery store owner at gunpoint

94th Precinct


Store invasion

A pair of robbers invaded a Morgan Avenue grocery store with a gun on Aug. 19 — and forced the owner to lay on the ground while they robbed him.

The victim told police he was at work between Driggs and Norman avenues at 11:10 pm when the two burst through the door and one of them put a silver gun in his face.

“Don’t look” one of them said while the other one pushed the victim and his employee to the ground and held them there while the other one raided the store.

They took $700 in cash from the register, a gold chain from the victim’s neck, and a carton of Marlboro cigarettes.

Con man

A creative thief pretending to be a utility company worker got a Humboldt Street woman to send him more than $700 on Aug. 21.

The victim told police she was at home between Frost and Richardson streets at 1:30 pm when she received a phone call from a man who claimed he was from Con Edison. He said he was from the disconnection department and that she had to pay him $742.36 within the next 30 minutes or her electricity would be disconnected immediately and she would have to pay a reconnection fee.

The woman said the man told her to use a prepaid money market card. She followed the instructions and paid the bill, and received a confirmation number from the man — whom she later found out that was not from Con Edison.

Familiar theft

Police say a man made his way into his wife’s Leonard Street apartment on Aug. 4 while she was on vacation — despite an order of protection against him — and stole her passport and birth certificate.

The victim told police that she was away when she received a call from the doorman of her building at the corner of Bayard Street at 7 am telling her that her husband had just been there and that the doorman had let him into the apartment.

The victim said that the doorman did not know that she has an order of protection against her husband and that he is not allowed in the building. Police are now looking for the woman’s husband.

Workplace theft

Someone stole a MacBook and headphones from a guy who is working at a movie studio on Eagle Street on Aug. 21.

The victim told police he left his backpack in a common area of a movie studio between Franklin and West streets at 4 pm. When he came back at 6:25 pm, he found his laptop and headphones missing from his bag.

Cops were able to track the laptop to a street corner in Queens later that day, but then the tracking device went off.

Lies for tiles

A man claiming to want his job back distracted employees of an Anthony Street factory on Aug. 23 while another guy stole thousands of dollars worth of building material.

The employees of the factory between Morgan and Vardervoort avenues said the former employee came in at 10 am and asked for his job back. While he was doing that, another guy went in to the loading bay and stole $3,000 worth of material from the back.

— Danielle Furfaro

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