Thumbing for trouble

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Horrific hitchhiker

Cops say a 31-year-old thug was arrested on Nov. 19 after he was caught stopping traffic on E. 29th Street — demanding that a passing motorists give him a ride.

The motorist was driving by Emmons Avenue when he found the suspect in the middle of the street, forcing him to stop his vehicle.

“Let me in and give me a ride,” the man demanded. But, when the motorist refused, the suspect ripped off his side view mirror. Cops took the 31-year-old into custody, where they later learned that there were several warrants out for his arrest.

Pipe attack

A thug jumped a 22-year-old man on E. 12th Street on Nov. 18 — hitting him over the head with a pipe.

The victim was approaching Avenue T as he made his way home at 2:15 am when he was attacked — and left with a deep cut to the head that needed medical attention.

Mail raid

A gun-toting goon raided the Mail Drop on Avenue U on Nov. 18, taking an undisclosed amount of cash.

Workers at the postal store, located near E. 12th Street, said the suspect came in at 10:50 am, flashed his firearm and leapt over the counter, demanding that an employee open up the safe for him.

Avenue Y burglary

A thief broke into an Avenue Y apartment on Nov. 18, taking an iPad and more than $3,000 in jewelry.

The 48-year-old victim left her apartment between Coyle and Batchelder streets at about 7:30 am. When she returned at 6 pm that night, she discovered a rear window that led out to the fire escape had been forced open.

Nabbed for break-in

Police arrested two people who they say broke into an E. 14th Street home on Nov. 18.

Witnesses told suspects that the thieves smashed a front porch window to the home near Avenue Z, entered, and remained at the scene — only to flee after a witness called 911.

Cops caught up with the duo, a 46-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman, a short time later on Avenue Z, charging them with burglary.

Safe stealers

A crew of thieves raided a W. Sixth Street home on Nov. 18, removing a safe containing more than $5,000.

The suspects forced open the front door of the home near Avenue W sometime after 8 am.

Bill bilkers nabbed

Cops arrested two women accused of the ol’ dine and dash: they allegedly feasted at the Katz Cafe on Emmons Avenue on Nov. 17, then fled without paying the check.

The two women, the oldest 57, the youngest 46, entered the restaurant between Ocean and Bedford avenues at 11:10 pm. After eating, they ran out of the cafe at 11:30 pm, leaving store employees high and dry.

Taken for a ride

A thief skipped out on a fare — and took a cabbie’s phone — on Nov. 18 during a slick steal on Avenue W.

The cabbie dropped the victim off near Nostrand Avenue at 1 am, but the victim said he didn’t have any money on him. He asked the cabbie if he could borrow his cellphone to call someone inside his home for the money, but then walked off with the item.

Bike cannibals

A thief broke down a bike left on E. 14th Street to its component parts on Nov. 12 — then made off with them.

An 18-year-old said she locked her bike onto a pole near Sheepshead Bay Road at 10 pm, but when she returned to it at 8 am the next morning the bicycle seat and bicycle wheel had been removed.

Crowbar crook

Cops arrested a thief on Nov. 19 who they say tried to break into an E. Fourth Street home with a crowbar he found on the premises.

The 22-year-old thief entered the property between Avenue V and Gravesend Neck Road at 2:50 am, found the crowbar in a backyard shed and was using it to pry open a side door when he was discovered and taken into custody.

— Thomas Tracy

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