Time for a walk! Dogs will stroll around Prospect Park to raise money

Time for a walk! Dogs will stroll around Prospect Park to raise money
By Stefano Giovannini

We all know cats rule the internet — but dogs apparently dominate the world of fund-raising.

A Brooklyn non-profit is drumming up interest and donations by putting dogs on display and asking pup-lovers to decide which pooch is the cutest.

“Dogs are cute and fun and people are in love with them,” said Brooklyn Community Services spokeswoman Chery Todman, “It’s a good way to get people to come to know us.”

The community and family services non-profit is holding the contest at its annual FunWalk through Prospect Park, where human participants won’t be the only ones raising money.

Donors can sponsor two-legged participants who will stroll around the park — and four legged volunteers who are always up for a walk.

Each canine participant take part in a separate Facebook competition to see which dog gets the most “likes.” And whether its this or the fund-raising, top dogs will get prizes from charitable dog-friendly businesses.

One of the walkers, Yelena Gremban, is betting her Labrador and Whippet mix, Cauchy, will get a lot of sponsors.

“There are so many dogs and people have different connections,” said Gremban, whose philanthropic pup has only raised a few dollars so far, mostly from friends and family.

But Gremban said she’s not worried about winning.

“I feel like raising anything is good.”

The FunWalk started seven years ago as a way for Brooklyn Community Services to raise money to take clients on field trips, but it has evolved into a larger fund-raising vehicle for the organization, which plans to use the money for education and families in need.

Dogs and people have until the day of the FunWalk to raise the funds, and then they can strut their stuff — for a good cause.

The FunWalk at Prospect Park (Grand Army Plaza Entrance, at St. Johns Place and Flatbush Avenue, donate or register at funwalk.wearebcs.org). Sept. 23, on-site registration begins 12 pm, $10.

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