Tiny dancers take the stage!

Tiny dancers take the stage!
Photo by Basil Childers

Some revolutions are small — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

Choreographer Pascal Rioult will put 30 public school children from across the borough onstage with his fleet of world-renowned dancers in a dreamy, modern interpretation of classic children’s fairy tales called “Small Steps, Tiny Revolutions,” at Kingsborough Community College on Feb. 4

“We put them onstage, and they look like they belong there,” Rioult said. “It’s amazing how much kids can accomplish when their hearts and minds are in it.”

The first section of the two-part performance, “Small Steps, Tiny Revolutions,” tells the story of a young boy, embodied by 12-year-old Chase Sutton, who retreats into the world of his imagination — where animals run wild in the forest — in order to pursue his love of dance after his father announces that dance is an inappropriate hobby for a young boy. The second segment, entitled “Fables,” is a re-imaging of five classic children’s stories that impart lessons such as patience, acceptance and respect.

“They’re stories that basically use animals, but they’re talking about human behavior and human people,” Rioult said. “It’s perfect for children and families.”

This show is the third performance in a series that incorporates kids from various public schools, where Rioult and his company conduct five-week movement seminars and workshops, called DanceREACH. It is the first in a two-year, five-borough arts-in-education tour; each borough’s performance will feature more than a dozen students from local elementary schools, in an effort to inspire and empower children, while exposing them to the dynamic world of modern dance.

But don’t be fooled: this show isn’t kid’s stuff.

“I’m a serious choreographer and artist, and my goal was not to talk down to the children,” Rioult said. “They’re very smart, and I want them to get the experience — physically and visually — that they’re a part of a real piece of art.”

Rioult’s “Small Steps, Tiny Revolutions,” at Kinsborough Community College [2001 Oriental Blvd. at Decatur Avenue in Manhattan Beach, 718) 368-5148]. Feb. 4, 3 pm, free. For info, visit www. www.kbcc.cuny.edu.

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