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Today on BPR: ‘Bushwick’ director Cary Murnion

Going rogue: An army invades Bushwick in the new movie, “Bushwick.”
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Defend Bushwick!

The Brooklyn neighborhood – home to hipsters, Hasids, and Hispanics – unites to fight off a rogue white supremacist army in the new motion picture, “Bushwick,” which opens Aug. 25 in theaters everywhere.

But why wait? The movie’s co-director, Cary Murnion, will join Brooklyn Paper Radio co-hosts Gersh Kuntzman and Vince DiMiceli in a spirited discussion of his new film – and its ramifications in a post-Charlottesville America.

“I saw a preview of this movie the day after right-wing Nazis stormed all over peaceful protesters in Virginia,” said Kuntzman, a columnist for the New York Daily News. “So it was amazing to me to see, basically, a fictionalized version of what it would look like if that battle came to Bushwick.”

DiMiceli focused on a different theme in the film.

On the movie: Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow star as neighborhood residents fighting off a rogue white supremacist army in “Bushwick.”
XYZ Films

“My favorite part was when the Bushwickians — Hasidic, Puerto Rican, and Hipster — fought back together,” he said. “That’s Brooklyn, baby.”

The interview with Murnion, which will go live at 4:45 pm Wednesday, is just the latest big “get” for Brooklyn Paper Radio and its hosts, the Lennon and McCartney of Community Journalism. Brooklyn Paper Radio has already featured such luminaries as filmmaker Michael Moore, rock and roll hall of famer Carlos Santana, comedy legend Andrew Dice Clay, and actor Tony Danza, among others.

Also on the show, former Brooklyn Paper reporter Andy Campbell will phone in to offer his first-hand report on the horrific events in Charlottesville. Campbell covered all the weekend’s happenings for his current outlet, The Huffington Post, but will certainly testify that Kuntzman and DiMiceli prepared him well for his on-the-ground coverage.

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Boxed in: Legendary former Brooklyn Paper reporter Andy Campbell.
Community Newspaper Group / Gersh Kuntzman

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