Tomb raters! Commuters think those bollards are for the birds, too

“I was wondering which ancient pharaoh’s burial ground was here. When is the King Tut tour coming through again? Besides keeping out the evil terrorists and their taxicabs, I don’t see any purpose to them. They’re funny looking.”
Mark Scarola, Fort Greene
The Brooklyn Paper / Barry Shifrin

The Long Island Rail Road is cutting the ribbon today on its new terminal near the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, but commuters we talked to weren’t too impressed by a main feature of the design: the massive, tomb-like bollards deployed like a Satanic blast fence around the new building.

“When I’m drunk, I guess I’ll have a place to lay down. They’re big, bulky and ugly.”
Rae Guy, Flatbush
The Brooklyn Paper / Barry Shifrin

“I don’t know why they’re here. I thought they were going to remove them after construction ended. I’m not sure exactly what they’re for.”
Jay Rivera, Bedford-Stuyvesant
The Brooklyn Paper / Barry Shifrin

“Definitely not the most attractive choice. They should’ve used something a little more complementary and reflective of the building.”
Ann Marie, Park Slope
The Brooklyn Paper / Barry Shifrin

“It looks like a Greek ritual ground. It seems like it’s just taking up space for no reason.”
Jason Russell, East New York
The Brooklyn Paper / Barry Shifrin

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