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Toss swindling Michael Grimm in jail — and throw away the key

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen once said “It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals, let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians.”

Con artist and ex-congressman Michael Grimm is a textbook lab rat for being a tax, insurance, and immigration swindler and for staining the office of public service with his lies and deceit. He is a common crook with an all-too-common story: a mediocre politician becomes a legend in his own mind. He abuses public faith and gets caught, but continues to whine about his innocence until the erupting facts nip him on the arse. He blows more hot air — remember, he thinks he is invincible — before being forced to fess up and resign, as Grimm did last week. For an encore he wallows in the mud of self-pity like a wounded hippo. Pshhaw.

Conniving Grimm, who faces up to 30 months in prison, played the high-stakes game of defrauding the public like a pro, yet denied the deplorable crimes detailed in his 20-count indictment so vigorously that he threatened to hurl an inquiring reporter “off this f—— balcony” last year when the member of the fourth estate dared question him about it.

The scoundrel belongs in Brooklyn’s political Hall of Shame alongside such megalomaniacs as:

Corrupt Carl Kruger, a once-powerful New York State senator who was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2012 for accepting more than $1 million in bribes for political favors. “This will haunt me,” Carl blubbered to the judge, but stopped short of apologizing to the voters whose hopes he dashed.

Pervert Anthony Weiner, once a promising politician and a leading mayoral candidate who became a pubic servant after texting lewd photographs of his bulging crotch to women who were not his wife in a 2011 “Groingate” scandal that forced his resignation.

Dirty-old ex-assemblyman Vito Lopez, ex-Democratic Party of Kings County chairman who resigned his seat after settling a lawsuit accusing him of groping interns and urging them to go bra-less.

Michael Grimm joins their cruddy ranks for putting self-interest above public service without apology. He has mocked democracy, sullied justice, eroded public trust, and failed the people he pledged to serve. Stick a fork in him because Mikey’s done.

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