Townhouses KO Ridge Victorians

All that’s left of three Victorians on 74th Street between Third and Fourth avenues is a vacant lot.
The Brooklyn Paper / Matthew Lysiak

Talk about an extreme makeover!

Three elegant Victorian homes on 74th Street between Third and Fourth avenues, beloved by locals for their simple beauty, have been reduced to rubble — and will be replaced by five three-family townhouses, according to the Basile Builders Group, which owns the property.

“The townhouses should be done by the summer of 2008,” said Basile spokesman John Longardo. “There is a real demand for housing in Bay Ridge.”

When asked about the design of the new buildings, Longardo said similar townhouses can be found on 90th Street between Third and Fourth avenues.

Given Bay Ridge’s strong — though not always successful — impulse towards preservation, not everyone was happy to hear about the demolition of the three Victorians.

“They were totally beautiful and charming homes that the community is going to miss,” said local preservationist Victoria Hofmo. “Residents are absolutely devastated and have been coming up to me all the time asking why these homes had to be torn down. It is a shame.”

Basile is building “as-of-right” and does not need city variances. As a result, the company did not need to see local community board or City Council approval.

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