Tragedy on Third Avenue

A 34-year-old woman was the victim of a brutal accident near the corner of 86th Street and Third Avenue on March 13.

A car struck the woman as she crossed 86th Street around 7:30 pm, according to the FDNY. Eyewitnesses described a grisly scene.

“I heard the screech and I heard the thud, and it wasn’t like a car hitting a car, and I thought it was strange,” said Joe Castaldo, a waiter at nearby Vicolo Restaurant. “Then I saw the car coming toward me, with the windshield broke, and my eyes went to the floor and I saw it, and I thought, ‘God let that be a garbage bag, anything, please don’t let that be a human being.’ ”

Castaldo said the woman was being dragged under the car as it came to a stop next to the curb, and he immediately went to her side.

“I made eye contact, and I said to her, ‘Listen baby, you’re going to be okay,’” said Castaldo, who recalled her bleeding heavily from her injuries.

The woman was taken to Lutheran Medical Center according to the FDNY, which reported that the woman was likely to survive.

Sohail Qammar, owner of a bodega near where the accident occurred, said that it looked to him like the car that struck the woman was racing another car along 86th Street. Though he said he saw cops cuff the driver who hit her, police said no arrests were made in relation to the accident.

Qammar said this was the third accident at that corner in the past four weeks — and by far the worst.

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