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Transgender people should stick to the bathrooms they were born with

I have no objection if any establishment wants to have three separate restrooms — one for males, one for females, and one for those who identify with a gender different from their physical sex — but I draw the line at locker rooms, especially when it comes to schools.

We all remember how traumatizing it was to strip down in the school locker room to put on those nasty looking gym uniforms. And tweens and teens are at a stage in life where it’s hard enough to accept the changes that their bodies are going through.

Now the LGBT community wants to put tweens and teens through added trauma by forcing them to confront transgender folks — by letting girls who identify as male in boys’ locker rooms and vice versa. Yes the teen who is transgender is having difficulty as well, but find another option. Don’t involve the entire student body — it’s just not fair to the many.

We all have a right to our own sexual and gender identity, but it should not interfere with everyone else’s identity.

All of the politically correct warriors out there are singing a New Jersey school’s praises for allowing students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity.

But what about the rights of the students whose equipment matches their gender identity? What about their feelings? People in this country are so hell-bent on bending over backwards for the sake of political correctness that they lose whatever common sense they have.

And as far as public restrooms are concerned, I commend policy makers in North Carolina for upholding common sense. The state ruled that people must use bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex — as defined on the individual’s birth certificate.

That makes the most sense.

Not for Nuthin™ people need to use old-fashioned common sense, because the psyches of the many need to outweigh the psyches of the few.

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