Tried to rob a CVS — then rode on the sidewalk

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook


A gunman tried to rob the CVS pharmacy on Court Street on Oct. 10, and was busted two days later for the crime of riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Cops said the 22-year old man entered the store near First Place and approached the pharmacy counter at around 5 pm, passing a note that read, “Put all your Oxycontin in this bag! Keep quiet!”

The pharmacist gave the note back to the desperate thug, and said, “I can’t do that.” The man insisted, “Is there a problem?” as he lifted up his shirt to reveal a gun tucked in his waistband.

Suddenly, the drama ended, as the creep apparently freaked, and fled on a bicycle.

But two days later, the man was spotted riding his bicycle on Fourth Place near Clinton Street, when cops stopped him. Upon a routine search, Officer Keith Dsouza discovered that he was carrying an imitation gun and a knife, allowing detectives quickly to tie him to the failed CVS caper.

The pharmacist later positively ID’d him as the note-passer, too.

The man was charged with menacing, robbery in the second degree, and of course, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Motor jerk

Someone stole a lady’s motorcycle on Smith Street while she was away between Oct. 5 and Oct. 7.

The 46-year-old victim parked her 1998 red BMW near Fourth Place on Oct. 5 at around 6 pm, but when she returned two days later, the bike was gone.


A man punched and robbed another man inside his Smith Street barber shop on Oct. 13.

The 35-year-old victim said he was sitting in the Hair Shop near West Ninth Street at around 2:15 pm when the man burst in, punched him in the face and took $100 from his pants pocket. The thug quickly fled, shouting obscenities on his way out the door.

Rob mob

Three men attacked and robbed a man on Third Street on Oct. 11.

The 31-year-old victim said he was near Smith Street at around 3:45 pm when the two thugs shoved him into a fence, while the other one punched him in the left ear. The crew made off with the man’s iPhone and wallet, containing a credit card and bank card.

Art fraud

Six teens pretended to admire a man’s artwork on Dikeman Street but then robbed him on Oct. 11.

The 22-year-old victim said the teens asked him if they could look at his artwork, which was displayed nearby at around 7:40 pm. But the crew was more interested in the more “modern art” of electronics, snatching his Apple laptop and his Droid cellphone.

No fair

Someone stole a woman’s wallet inside the Fairway supermarket on Van Brunt Street on Oct. 10.

The 39-year-old victim said she left her wallet on her shopping cart at around 4:30 pm, but when she returned only moments later, it was gone. The thief made away with $30, three credit cards, and the Coach brand wallet, valued at $85.

— Gary Buiso