Trio of thieves aggressively steal man’s cell phone


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Phone fracas

Three punks stole a man’s phone on Concord Street on July 13.

The victim told police that the trio of reprobates waltzed up near Gold Street just before 2 am, grabbed him, hit him in the head and arms, and nabbed his cell phone.

Double trouble

Raiders broke into two Bond Street businesses but left empty-handed on the night of July 16.

The victims told cops that marauders invaded their businesses near Atlantic Avenue between 7 pm and 11:50 am and pried open cash registers, which were empty, before heading out without any loot.


Cops arrested a man they allege tried to steal more than $33,000 worth of eyeglasses from a Court Street store on July 14.

The victim told cops that the suspect allegedly hit an employee with the expensive eyewear inside the store at State Street around 5 am.

The man tried to make a run for it, but cops caught up with him at Atlantic Avenue and cuffed him on felony burglary charges, according to police reports.

Quick swipe!

A sneak stole a woman’s rental bike on Front Street on July 15.

The victim told police that she turned her back to her Citi Bike at Dock Street at 6:40 pm when the scoundrel swiped the blue bicycle.

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