Triple homicide rocks East Flatbush

Blood has little meaning to Jermaine Ruiz, unless it’s his own blood.

That’s what police are saying about the 24-year-old triple homicide suspect who was ordered jailed without bail during his arraignment over the weekend.

Ruiz put East Flatbush in the spotlight — and put his neighbors on edge — Friday when he was arrested for allegedly butchering his 22-year-old girlfriend Jessica Ybe and her two daughters Sasha, age 2, and Jellyhanna, age 5.

At the same time, the apparently unhinged Ruiz spared the life of the twin daughters he fathered with Ybe, it was revealed at his arraignment. His two infant daughters were reportedly not in the blood-soaked Rogers Avenue home where Ybe and her daughters had been stabbed to death. A medical examiner determined that each victim was stabbed multiple times.

Investigators believe that Ybe and her daughters were killed on Wednesday night. Cops weren’t alerted to the slaying until Friday, when Ruiz called his father and confessed to what he had done. The father, who lives in the Bronx, called his neighborhood precinct, who forwarded the call to the 67th Precinct.

When local cops showed up at the address near Lenox Road — just a few short blocks from the 67th Precinct, which is also on Rogers — they found Ybe’s body wrapped in a plastic garbage bag. The two children were wrapped in a rug, according to published reports.

Ruiz confessed to killing all three during an argument. Neighbors said that the couple was constantly fighting.

The carnage was so bad that blood dripped into the apartment below Ybe’s.

Police believe that Ruiz disposed of the murder weapon. He was in the process of disposing the bodies as well, said officials, who explained that Ruiz had recently went to the super of the building, asking him where he could throw “heavy,” “smelly” garbage.

Prosecutors charged Ruiz with three counts of murder in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon.