Trump travel ban strands Crown Heights doctor in Sudan

Let him in: Dr. Kamal Fadlalla is stranded in Sudan.
Interfaith Hospital

A Crown Heights doctor is stuck in his native Sudan thanks to President Trump’s travel ban, and can’t return to the U.S. to continue doing God’s work: saving Brookynites’ lives.

“My colleagues are going to be affected. My hospital is going to be affected. And for sure, my patients are going to be affected,” said the stranded Dr. Kamal Fadlalla, a second-year resident in internal medicine at Interfaith Medical Center, via a statement.

Fadlalla was away visiting his family when Trump banned citizens of Sudan and six other majority-Muslim countries from entering the States last week. He rushed to the airport on Saturday after getting wind of the news — only to be turned away from his flight back to New York.

The medic has a newly-issued work visa and has been living in Brooklyn for nearly two years, according to Interfaith honcho LaRay Brown.

Fadlalla is one of four Sudanese residents at the diverse institution and Brown says she’s worried the uncertainty about what will happen now — and next — will set the whole hospital on edge, Brown said.

“One area of concern as an institution is the level of anxiety that this executive order and what might follow is creating for all of our staff,” she said. “We are a hospital of folks from all over the country and all over the world.”

A Brooklyn federal judge temporarily barred the government from deporting valid visa holders already in transit to America when Trump signed his executive order, but the order is no help to people stranded overseas.

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