Tuff on the ears!

Tuff on the ears!
Photo By Jeffrey Sauger

For maximum results, don’t use protection of any kind.

Musician Kyle Thomas, better known as King Tuff, sings over a simmering guitar, delivering snotty vocals amidst an amalgam of punk, surf, grunge, and glam rock sensibility.

Live, he brings a giddy abandon to his performances, as evidenced by lack of eardrum-saving earplugs.

“I can’t feel the music when I wear them. It’s like being underwater and it sucks,” said Thomas. “They’re kind of like prophylactics for your ears. They save your ears, but the music sounds half as good.”

King Tuff’s music and lyrics have the carefree and irreverent spirit of someone who relishes in doing something he probably shouldn’t; with the single “Alone and Stoned” he delights in wasting time in one’s bedroom.

King Tuff nails that adolescent condition of being joyfully stuck within the silliness of childhood, but much like a kid who can’t wait to grow up, the music also indulges in the alluring pleasures of adulthood.

The night should be one for silliness and raunch.

“[My music sounds like] a spazzy kid using his toothbrush as a microphone,” said Thomas.

“I love watching people dance and sing along and risk their bones breaking — It’s all about love.”

King Tuff at the Music Hall of Williamsburg [66 N. Sixth St., between Wythe and Kent avenues, (718) 486–5400]. Dec. 19, 7 pm, $20.